Heart Shaped Dude
Helluva street team. NWPS

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like a Donut...

Because everything has to be shaped like a heart for Valentine's Day, Rodeo Donut made heart-shaped donuts. Rodeo is a pop-up started by two Cupcake Royale bakers and, unsurprisingly, their donuts are available at both of Cupcake Royale's locations.

If you have a sweetie and the wherewithal to get out of bed an hour earlier than usual to make coffee, you could pick up some of these donut hearts and use them to great effect. If you don't, you can still enjoy the visceral metaphor of tearing through a pillowy, fluffy dough heart with your teeth.

...Or a $50 Gift Card to Pettirosso

Local marketing firm Northwest Polite Society (which has clients encompassing a few good Seattle restaurants) is reviving their Valentine's Day giveaway tradition: A dude dressed in a giant heart costume is sent out into the wilds of Capitol Hill and the people who take selfies with him are entered into a gift card drawing. This year, they're offering up $50 at Pettirosso. If you find yourself wandering around the hill on Monday or Tuesday and you see a guy in a giant heart costume, take a photo with him, tag Northwest Polite Society, and you just might fund your next eclair binge.

...Or Cheap Chinese Food

Here're my Valentine's Day dining recommendations. All the places that require reservations are probably booked solid by now, but there are a few alternative options in there, too. Like choosing not to go out and participate in the trumped-up commercial clusterfuck that is Valentine's Day. It's still a Tuesday, people, and you're still not Drake.

Faerie Queene Transmogrified Into Pittsburgh Lunch & Superette

The tiny Pioneer Square seafood spot that sits atop Kraken Congee has been converted to a cafe and corner store called Pittsburg Lunch and Superette, the owners recently announced via Facebook. The new name is an homage to the 1960's soup kitchen that once occupied the space, which later became Brasserie Pittsburg, Seattle's first fine dining establishment.

The new joint will be less a restaurant than a neighborhood resource, judging from their Facebook post. The focus will be on soups, salads, and other lunch crowd takeaway favorites. It'll also stock fresh produce, pantry items, and other essentials, thus the "Superette" moniker.

Most importantly, it'll serve Faerie Queene's chowder, but now in a Grand Central potato bread bowl. It looks amazing. Oh, and if you're still craving some of owner Uma Kim's seafood delights, she's offering a five-course Valentine's day dinner that includes her well-loved cioppino. Since that's probably already booked up, they're also offering a smaller a la carte menu at their "singles counter."

Big Mario's Moves into Frelard

Frelard BBQ joint Bourbon and Bones recently went to its grave, but the space's restaurant spirit is already being reincarnated as a Big Mario’s, reports Eater.

One More for the Brunch Bonanza

Bar Melusine will join neighbors Marmite and Soi in offering brunch starting March 4, offering ye hungover Pike/Pine denizens more places to stop the throbbing. Their blog says they'll offer such delicacies as a smoked salmon salad, beef and pork merguez, and even a buckwheat crepe with Dungeness crab and ricotta. It's a Renee Erickson restaurant, so I'm sure it'll offer you plenty of Instagram fodder for your never-ending digital campaign to convince yourself and others that you lead a wonderful and delicious life.

206 Burger Co. Climbs the Hill

The straightforward downtown burger joint will be opening a new outpost on First Hill in the former Corner Cafe space, reports CHS. The building that houses 206 Burger Co.’s original downtown location is slated for redevelopment, so this expansion might be more of a move, but for the time being, there’ll be two places to get yourself a no-nonsense Painted Hills patty.

West Seattle Gets a Nook

And it's not the dearly beloved biscuit spot that used to be on the Ave. It's a neighborhood bar with some pretty decor and a heavy focus on giving you exactly the drink your heart desires.

"We are a 21-and-over lounge with beer/wine/spirits; local brews, old World wines, classic and contemporary cocktails, and an open bar for pretty much anything, really!" the owners tell West Seattle Blog. "Guests can come in and have anything from a shot n’ a can of Olympia to a classic Old Fashioned or a nice glass of local and old World wine. The NOOK is all about having a good time with great drinks of whatever your preference while enjoying a cozy, neighborhood atmosphere."

I love drinks of whatever my preference!

The Latest Outrageous Chicken Thing From KFC is Outrageous

It's a "pizza" with a fried chicken crust, and it sure does make for some great tweets:

Trump's America, baby!