The Seattle Aquarium's Octo-Sex Event Has Been Cancelled Again This Year—But There's Something Better Instead


@Sydney Brownstone very funny indeed these are things I did not know about octopus*! Imagine if I was in a glass cage with families of octopi and jazz musi…
I do not know what happened to my Slog talk about tentacruel!
Yes, this is technically the plural form of "octopus" unless in reference to multiple species!

And you follow that rule just like sheeps.
FFS, I wish people would stop trying to be clever with their 'technically correct' octopus pluralization that follows no English usage and hangs on a second-hand philological argument that has no 'technical' bearing on English.

I remember back in 2004, I was walking down by the DC monuments. I came up on the reflecting pool and saw two mallards getting it on in the pond. For some reason this struck me as hilarious. Here they were, with the reflection of the most phallic monument I've ever seen in the water around them, flipping George W Bush and all the anti-sex conservatives the bird, and I got to watch it all.
Just because someone is conservative doesn't mean they are anti-sex. There's that liberal tolerance in full (sex) swing.
JFYI duck penises are crazypants spiral hydraulic stabbers, male ducks are rapey, and female ducks have anti-spiral cockblocking vaginas.…
(Lindy West)
octopodes is the correct plural of octopus.
It's complicated:
woop woop woop we got another one on aisle three
It's octopuses. Not octopus, not octopi, not octopdes. Octopuses. Nerdy explanation here:…. The AP Stylebook agrees as well. Octopuses.
Oops, Edit to the above: not octopodes.