UPDATED: In Seattle, Feds Arrest 23-Year-Old Mexican Immigrant Who's Part of Obama's "Dreamer" Program


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If Dave Reichert feels so strongly about DACA kids being allowed to stay in this country, maybe he can prove himself now that this is happening: http://www.thestranger.com/slog/2017/01/…

Office lines: (202) 225-7761 and (425) 677-7414
Resist and persist, Trump, too, shall pass, let's hope sooner rather than later.
If you don't like or agree with the current laws, don't break them, change them. Our system is setup for this.
"arrested, detained, and deported... because he was not 'born in this country.'"

Sounds about right to me.

"Let's not forget that this administration is going to go after everyone,"

Everybody that is here illegally hopefully.
sounds like a self-admitted "bad hombre". with no record.

he might have to cool it in jail as this one works its way up through the courts.
Only indigenous people are here legally; the rest of us are living on stolen land.
Those people are not 'indigenous'; they came from somewhere else.
They have no more right to this place than any of the rest of us.
Where is this hearing on Friday & what time?
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Don't worry, it's just a misunderstanding. Everything will get worked out.
Cantwell and Murray at a Senate Coffee Shop:
Murray: "d'oh! Can you believe those fucktards in Washington. Now we have to go out and earn our paychecks and health benefits!
Cantwell: "whoa!, whoa!, whoa! there "soccer mom of the year!" We got a new minion who can do our dirty work and her name is Pramila Jayapal". "She does the "demanding" work, and we ride the coat-tails of feminine, tenured success. Who's gonna question an immigrant legislator on immigrant rights"?
Murray: "ooooooo- smart!" (Tapping cardboard coffee cups together in celebration")
Murray: "Dont forget we need to "look into the situation" of when we're flying into Hooterville to pick up our checks, how about this time I go to Boeing and Amazon and you take JBLM and Microsoft"
Cantwell: "Ok- Who doesn't love a man in uniform"?
Cue in "Sex in the City" theme music.
To the commenter who wrote that we citizens are living on "stolen land", I say that I was born in a hospital in St. Louis, making me as indigenous as any Indian. Yes, I am a native American.
Nice to see that useless Pramila is advocating for illegal alien gang members.

Give him due process, then send his ass packing.
sydney, thanks for your great reporting on this story thus far. please keep the updates coming, they are extremely helpful.
Just got a pretty wishy-washy response from Inslee's office, that he's "waiting to see what information comes out" before making a public statement in support of Mr. Ramirez. Call and urge him to stand up for Seattle's immigrant community and remain a sanctuary for DREAMers.
One down, 10,999,999 to go.

I don't think that word ("indigenous") means what you think it means...
Did Mr. Ramirez have a felony conviction? I think this is a key piece of missing information.

If he did then ICE has reasonable basis for detaining him and/or deporting, despite having a work permit.

I think we need facts, not opinions.


He has no criminal record. ICE is claiming he is gang affiliated but without any apparent substantiation of the claim (Ramirez, through his lawyer, denies). Either way. it's pretty clear that Ramirez was a bystander to his father's arrest and was swept up despite DREAMer status, not because of any suspicion of illegal activity.

One source: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017…
The people The Left likes to label 'indigenous' were not "the original inhabitants of a given region"; they are "groups that have settled, occupied or colonized the area more recently."
Everyone knows that.
Science and all.
Sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes you are the bug.
The "indigenous peoples" displaced someone who preceded them, then they got displaced.
See how that works?
@22: Well. You've pretty neatly dismantled your own argument for the arrest and deportation of the current wave of those who have come to settle our area most recently.
Trump will just get rid of DACA. And that will be that. It's not like he can't. Also, it's a Policy, not a Law. So, sadly, the Policy is gonna go. It's be foolish to think otherwise.
@22 - The "left" created the definition of indigenous? Really? Please school us oh wise one.

Think indigenous plant. You can't "displace" what is indigenous, what came first is always what came first. Unless you have scientific proof as to who these inhabitants were that you decided not to name? Then they would be the indigenous people. Who are these people that are the true indigenous people of America you speak of? The entire world, "Science and all", is awaiting your response!!

Just do one google search of "displacement"...what do you see? Nothing that subscribes to what you're saying, could it be a conspiracy against the truths that only YOU know?!!

This is language, it's meant to be easily understood for communication purposes. When people start creating their own definitions to to promote an ideology, that is called dishonest and a waste of time.

Now you're the bug, squash. What a waste of 3 minutes, but you deserve it for trolling so poorly.
and the best part of this new dichotomy is that alt-righters like yourself ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GET OFFENDED!!!

have a horrible day bug boy...
For-profit prison owner and operator reaches a new all-time high today. The Seattle-based DREAMer, Daniel Ramirez Medina, who was ensnared by Trump's emboldened deportation force is currently being denied his liberty at the Northwest Detention Center, which is owned and operated by...you guessed it...the Geo Group. With Confederate General Jeff Session as the nation's top cop, more immigration raids and arrests are coming....and business booms in Trump's dark vision of America.

p.s. I don't for a second believe Daniel has a gang affiliation: the Trump administration has a questionable history with the truth. Rather, coercion by ICE agents while in custody is much more likely, as Daniel is a twice-vetted DACA beneficiary who, by definition, has undergone extensive background checks. #freedaniel #not1more
@27, I'm all for freeing Daniel, in the Mexican city of his choice.

He's not American. He will not prevail in his detention hearing or his lawsuit.

Time to face facts.