Trayvon Martin at 22


Sad and beautiful piece. Thank you.
Thank you, Daudi Abe. Rest in peace, Trayvon.
Thanks for helping to keep Trayvon Martin around, not forgotten.

"Curiously, an inquest found that Taylor was complying with officer’s commands, while also stating that the officers feared for their lives."

Why curiously? That's the institutional bias in action, no? Cops stereotype violence and threat onto individual black men, they fear them, they kill them.
I wish liberals would quit acting as though George Zimmerman's acquittal was a miscarriage of justice. Physical evidence and the testimony of impartial witnesses show that when Zimmerman fired Trayvon Martin had him pinned on the ground and was pummeling Zimmerman's face. Repeated blows to the head can cause death or serious injury and the law gives a person the right to use deadly force to defend against such an attack. Zimmerman almost certainly provoked Martin into attacking him, but that doesn't make Zimmerman a murderer.
@5 Zimmermann shouldn't have had the gun in the first place. If he needed a weapon, they should've just given him a taser. And yes. I, as an African American "liberal" originally from South Carolina, viewed his acquittal as a miscarriage of justice, along with the mistrial of the Walter Scott murder that let Michael Slager walk out a free man. I'm sorry but viewing the death of a black person as just "well one less black person to worry about" justifies the need of the Black Lives Matter movement and the evaluation and reform of police conduct.

Adding to my rant, two years ago I was visiting a friend in Rio, who is black and part of the upper class there. We were talking about his then trip to NYC and he said the following: "The fact that you had a wealthy black tennis star attacked by the police for no reason and with no warning for him to stop, tells me that the US doesn't value black lives. I'm more fearful of the police in the US than I am in Brazil"
@6 You don't think a person in the process of having his brains bashed out has the right to defend himself?

BTW I'm inclined to agree about the Slager case. I don't know the details of that case, but I saw the video and it sure seemed like Slager should have been convicted of something.
"On the evening of February 26, 2012, [Trayvon Martin] was shot to death as he walked home from the store by George Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watchman."

Huh? That sentence should read: "Trayvon Martin was shot to death as he perpetrated felony assault upon George, Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watchman.

Trayvon Martin was NOT unarmed. Fists are weapons. 869 "unarmed" assailants killed with their fists last year. More people are killed with fists than clubs/hammers (674) and rifles (453).

" he was shot to death as he walked home from the store"


He was killed as he straddled a prone GZ and rained blows on him in "MMA' fashion.

What prevents you from telling the truth?