Let's Talk About All the Lies Trump Told at His Press Conference Today


In other news, they ran up the white flag on appealing Judge Robart's TRO of the Muslim ban (go to p. 4):

Bu-bu-bu-but won’t someone think of the tax cuts?!?! (For the 1%)

And making it even easier for paranoid schizophrenics to buy machine guns.

And pumping nookleeur waste into every libtard blue state’s water supply.

And repealing Obamacare and replacing it with agonizing Ebola deaths in an alley, ‘cuz that’s how Real AmeriKKKans likes it!
utterly confident. utterly solipsistic. utterly wrong. he's the perfect fool.

the only thing he believes in are ratings.
Oh, and now there's the teensy problem that retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward, Twitler's choice to replace Fired Flynn, has turned him down due to the "obvious dysfunction" of the well-oiled regime.

Isn't the real problem that so-called Admiral Harward is a moonbat communist who's sick of winning???
I'm impressed. That's a shorter list than I imagined for an 80 minute long press conference.
@5 The phrase I'm seeing reported on CNN now is; "A friend of Harward's said he was reluctant to take the job because the White House seems so chaotic. Harward called the offer a "s*** sandwich," the friend said."

Shit sandwich, indeed. Someone elsewhere on Slog suggested he won't last the year. This guy is so off the nut I'm thinking six months. Max. No way someone this unhinged can keep it up very long.
Unfortunately, he can keep doing this for his entire four year term, because the Republican controlled Congress just wants power at any cost.

Our representatives don't represent us anymore.
In a pinch, Twitler can always call on Rudy to take the job.
Wapo has the transcript for everything he said. Absolutely frightening, he's really actually insane! Totally delusional.

Which 3 Dems voted to confirm Pruitt?

So depressing!
Im assuming this is old news here.

The Madness of King Trump:
Do we have to? Rather curl up and suck my thumb.
Stick a wormy apple in Trumpzilla's butt-ugly mouth and roast it on a spit, already!
@14 iseult: 3 Democrats actually voted to confirm Pruitt?!? Who??
Jesus wept----let's go to the 25th Amendment all fucking ready! Trumpzilla,
Pence, and their goon squad are unfit to govern.
@1 toe tag: Thank you for some good news.
@2 Original Andrew: Actually, I AM among those worried sick about all those issues, already.
We, the majority must unify and keep up the resistance.
I'm confused by the statement "Trump's only cabinet member"...was it supposed to say "Trump's only Hispanic cabinet member". Though now the point is probably moot, since he turned down the job anyhow.
At only 4 minutes in, it sounds like a middle school oral report delivered from notes written on the back of an envelope the day it was due. I'm betting he had a briefing from Bannon and these are t he notes he wrote the morning of. What a fuckwad.
I listened to that complete disaster yesterday. Then I listened to some stupid program on KUOW that featured three Republican women from Snohomish county who think he's the bee's knees.
D'oh! I meant to say that these three ridiculous women recited their catechism that That Darn Media Is So Darn Liberal (Particularly the Seattle Times!) and that there were plenty of colored folks at all of his rallies, just as happy as you please. And it hurt their heart that the assumption is that they are all a bunch of gosh darn racists.
@23: what do you think the odds are they don't read the Blethen Times?
Out of curiosity over how smaller city newspapers have been covering this administration, I've been browsing what my commie, leftist-elite indoctrinated brain would consider to be more conservative, USA-town-this-is-what-people-think-is-a-normal-city newspapers. Des Moines Register, Kansas City Star, the Orlando Sentinal, etc. It's interesting to me what coverage of the White Hosue there is, while less sensational, still isn't favorable.

More interesting though is that smaller city newspapers have almost no national news reporting on their front page. We take for granted how less connected people are to the country as a whole in those small markers.
"If you believe, as many believe, that climate change is the greatest threat to national security facing this country," THEN YOU'RE AN EFFING MORON!