Police Reports Illustrated: Pioneer Square Man Shares His Feelings with Officers


Yeah, that's definitely exactly what happened.
This validates all my prejudices about Pioneer Square.

It's also a pretty good example of the component aspects of Callan's style.
So that was at First and King?
Sounds like 2nd and Washington St, across from the Fire House. Good times a plenty in that block.
What happened to the body cam files?
The faculty had invited us all to spend a weekend at a cabin out in the Olympic National Forest with them. Most of my fellow students piled into their vehicles and drove there. However, I had no car and lived in the dorms, and was kind of out of the way for most of the folks who lived elsewhere in the city.

So, I caught a ride with my physics professor. On the way. we discussed the recent sale of forestland to private developers. I had (and have) very strong sentients in favor of groups such as the ELF and Earth First! Dr Barlow adopted that kindly look most professors use when they see one of their naive charges expressing idealistic if unreasonable sentiments.

He brought up WA state's lottery, which was a new thing back then. He asked if I knew where the funding from that highly profitable tax on human idiocy was going. I did not. He then asked if I knew where the money raised from the forestall sale was going. I was equally ignorant of that.

Dr Barlow mentioned that the money was raised to pay for public schools. The problem with chaining yourself to a tree, however likely that is to get a college kid laid, is that no parent is going to tell their state legislator to cut off the revenue stream for the schools that educate their kids. The more effective approach as to push the folks inside the Capitol Dome to switch the funding stream from the sale of forestland to the profits from the state lottery. It's not nearly as dramatic as a protest in the woods, he assented. However, it is much more likely to save the trees from being felled.

I think about that when I see this (presumably) young man expressing his anti-authority sentiments with bottle cast down and voice raised. However, what did his demonstration accomplish? And is there a more effective way to achieve his desired goal?
Normally I don't criticize anybody expressing opinions, but his physical act of slamming glass onto the sidewalk is just WRONG, that is a busy area. That shit could have went in someone's eye! If I was around and saw that happen, I would've been pissed and told the guy to clean it up! It looks like it's 1st & Washington, Maynard Building. I worked in that building, someone recently opened a bar in the basement. (the "secret" "hidden" signs in the drawing)
Isn't there a sign for that bar called Cowgirls? I thought that was First and King. Unless the illustrations are not to scale even though @1 attests to the accuracy of the cartoon.
One of the most beautiful downtown neighborhoods perminantly scared by mental illness and aggressive bums.