UW's Glenn Hughes Theatre Vandalized with Neo-Nazi Recruitment Posters


Unbelievable. That's so awful.
What's their website? ironwhat.org? I want to poke at their web hosting a bit.
And liberals say not to punch nazis. Stab them, punch them - whatever it takes.
@2 ironmarch org
It's just the college RepubliKKKans recruiting campaign for Twitler Youth.
@4 thanks, I emailed their hosting provider. 20 bucks says that domain will stop working soon.
@6 id bet. ironmarch and stormfront have been around a while. my guess is theyve had plenty of complaints.
Always be Punching Nazis
Suggesting Nazi's be punched only feeds into their culture of violence.

This article suggests we use mockery instead


Fuck it. Do BOTH.
It says join them. Doesn't say what to do once we get there.
@2 they're both behind Cloudflare. Don't bother, they can shrug off anything you can muster. And don't under any circumstances submit an abuse report - Cloudflare doesn't handle abuse reports, they only forward them (with the full information of the person who submitted it, which is required) to the site owner. Who, usually, proceeds to post said submitter's information for their users to harass.
The President of UW Ms. Cauce will of course do nothing because she is basically a nazi sympathizer. The shooter from weeks ago is still free because she has done nothing, and the police have done nothing. She should step down. She offers no leadership, just spineless cowardice. Cauce enables nazis at UW and they know it, so they are emboldened.

What a stupid comment. Free speech is a still thing regardless of what the young left may think about it, and that Milo asshole's event was a textbook example of protected free speech. Ms. Cauce has a legal and (in my view, as an American of some Jewish ancestry) moral duty to let these shitbags speak in a public forum.

Now if I saw someone posting those flyers I'd happily punch first and ask questions later, but your high dudgeon is misplaced.
...and by the way, that the asshole shooter dude is still free has NOTHING to do with Cauce. Are you really that dumb?

I think the idea here isn't to hax0r teh Nazis, but rather to send a nice polite note to the hosting provider asking if white supremacist propaganda falls within their standard TOS agreement.

Cloudflare isn't the hosting provider, of course; they're a security firm selling services to hosting firms and other customers.
Now that we've all made our fresh donations to the ACLU, we might want to remember which side they come down on when it comes to white supremacist posters. Or any other posters, for that matter.
1, 'unbelievable'??? Where have you been living for the past year? You've been online, so you haven't been living under a rock. This is not only believable, but completely expected from those who don't live in deliberate ignorance.

And it's beyond "awful." Like the actors said, they have been living with this for months. I mean, nice of you to wake up, but have you really awoken, or are you back to sleep already? These people, the people who voted for our current president, at the very least see no problem in white supremacy. Even though the end result of such beliefs are one of the most horrific events in human history. So we know what happens when we don't suppress Nazis. Who cares about whatever damn culture they hide behind: destroying Nazism is a victory for humanity.
At the Olympia Transit Center, I boarded the route 41 bus toward Evergreen. The girl in the seat behind me was chatting with a boy sitting next to her about Ernest Callenbach's delightful text "Ecotopia". I normally stay out of other people's discussions while riding public transit, however I came to adore this book in my own undergrad years, and felt the need to express my approval. We chatted about the one unrealistic aspect of it's plot. The story's Macguffin is that everything west of the Cascade range attains independence from Canada and the US in a bloodless coup. Is it at all reasonable that neither DC nor Ottawa would relinquish the Pacific Northwest without a fight, I questioned. We laughed at the absurdity of the thought. I suggested that we might defeat the enemy with sweet reggae music. This is of course, Olympia's secret weapon.

Granolaheads make me smile and roll my eyes simultaneously. Democracy Now! and podcasts of similar nature will use musical breaks instead of commercials. The Sunday Edition (a CBC podcast) usually features a poet or some little known artist who will talk in that very strange accent only used by theatre people, a pseudo-intellectual pose that attempts to subconsciously communicate superior intellect as a means of preemptively defanging opponents. Ordinarily, I skip through these segments, as they don't pack as much of a wallop for me as cold hard facts and numbers do. I'm Far Left. My Trotskyite friends occasionally tell me that I'm wandering into the territory of the "Ultra-Left", which never ceases to make me smile. Its a badge of honor and no small accomplishment to be too far Left for people who are to the Left of the Communist Party. So youve already got me on your side when you're fighting against people like Trump. There's no need to establish your credentials, just skip the bullshit and get to the point. People who feel differently aren't going to be swayed by iambic pentameter. When preaching to the choir, its better to hand us the sheet music instead of an essay on why its important to sing.

But then I see things like this. I am struck by how deeply wounded the Far Right is by the arts. Trump freaked out when the Hamilton crew castigated his Veep. SNL became the vanguard of the opposition once it was revealed that most powerful man on Earth is most damaged by Alec Baldwin. Neo-nazis make an effort to appear as frightening as possible. Yet, they are most threatened by gays and thespians.

Suddenly, I feel that I'd like to go to a poetry slam, or to see an overly earnest college kid with a guitar at the Irish pub keening the notes to some protest song s/he wrote in their dorm room. I never expected this stuff to have any potency until now. Yet, it seems to draw blood in ways my dialectics on scientific socialism cannot.

Bring on the Maya Angelou.

@18: You again. I find your taking my reaction and milking in your weird contortions very deranged. Project much? Are you now the adjective police?

Here my sleepless dear, feast your eyes The Daily Stormer's take on the situation.

But let's not get to serious, after all it's almost springtime!


Adjective police.... hmmm.. that's an idea with some potential.

For one, I would, as a piece of unacknowledged legislation, offer you these Exudative Attractions:

1) There shall now be a tax on superfluous use of the letter e as a suffix to every noun in an attempt to artificially age a word or phrase. Ye Olde Sayinge, Mine Arse.

2) From this date forward, all cliches are heretofore banned; poetic justice shall be meted out with extreme prejudice.

3) Redundant phrases such as 'ATM machine' are now punishable offenses. So is beginning sentence with a preposition.

4) The word 'irregardless' shall be forever stricken from the record.

5) Popular music lyrics making reference to the word 'love' shall be rewritten, substituting the word 'fuck'. If for no other reason than to hear Justin Bieber sing "Fuck yourself"from the stage.

@10: I'm with you, wewlad
Oh goodie, venomlash is back!