A reader-submitted cartoon.
A reader-submitted cartoon: "Every week your paper helps me get through the morass of more-asses. I am also cartooning my way to better emotional fortitude." Miriam Bell

While hard-copy Letters to the Editor are few and far between, The Stranger gets a robust number of e-mails from our readers that range from ideas for stories, to thoughts about the current political environment, to complaints about topics we aren't covering enough, or compliments about topics we've covered thoroughly and with thoughtful depth. Some simply offer general commentary or amusing reflections on the world. We read them all, and respond when necessary. Here are some of our favorites from the transom:

Dear Editor,

How do we get Trump supporters to emigrate out of the U.S.?

There are enough dictatorships run by greedy self-centered sociopaths that want nothing to do with civil rights, a free press, and the rule of law for them to enjoy. Let's help the disciples of Trump find their way to North Korea or someplace else which will fulfill their dreams while allowing the rest of us—the actual majority, as the self-important douchebag did not win the popular vote—make America sane again.

Since Inauguration Day, there has been a continuing assault on civil liberties with a simultaneous effort to use the executive branch's power to financially benefit that hateful bag of feces, and people that are equally hateful and greedy or do not have the wherewithal to understand what they placed in the Oval Office.

Thank you,
David Steger


Hi Guys,
I'm sitting in my favorite comfort food dining spot after another long day of trying to focus at work, while simultaneously there is Trump-ish news happening throughout the day that makes my skin crawl. I opened up The Stranger (another part of my comfort dinner ritual) and read DC Diaries.

My first reaction is to tell you I'm grateful. Grateful that you subjected yourselves to that experience, and let us be there vicariously without having to endure how awful it would have been to live it. Immerse myself in Trump-land? I'd rather jump off a cliff.

I'm grateful for your eloquent and compelling writing. I started just skimming but then I went back and read.every.word.

Grateful for the moments throughout when what you said and how you said it captured so totally my own reaction that I nodded emphatically or tsk'ed loudly or sighed. ("I look up at CNN. They're talking about the day's massive women-led, women-focused protests. They've invited a man, Michael Moore, to talk about it." Bam! Thanks for that, Heidi.)

Living in this world since November 8th is hard; the solace comes from a sense of community, knowing others feel just as disgusted and outraged and angry as I am. That's where I get rejuvenated for that next step of activism.

Journalism has always been important, but now... good god, you're going to be instrumental in helping us save the republic.

I've read things you've each written before. Now I'm a big fan. I suspect I don't fit the demographic for your loyal readership, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you that this old white woman is grateful, to both of you.

Keep it up.

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P.S. Tell the boss the oyster bar tab was a bargain—you are so worth it.