Seattle May Sue the Trump Administration


Can we sue Ed Murray for not providing clarity on his plans for just about anything?
It's a good strategy. It's easy to write a memo telling the SPD not to go out of their way to help ICE, but if they buy Trump's rhetoric (and our average cop gets his news from Fox; our erudite cop gets his reading Breitbart) they'll believe the law requires they serve the federal government.

A clear court ruling against cheeto can make all the difference.
We should still let the SPD wither on the vine and shift funding to other agencies, addressing social issues with specialists, not a badge and a gun.

No matter what, cops gonna cop. Only way to ever change that is to not be a cop.
Good move, Murray.
This is weak! "We'll invoke a bureaucratic process that requires you by law to respond, and if you don't respond we'll exercise our right to sue." Way to think outside the box! I'm guessing the Feds can "respond" with a "we'll get back to you" and then delay those documents for months or years, and still comply with the law. Murray sure is sticking it to Trump!
Can we just admit that the state of Washington is president at this point?
It is a Lilliputian action, but if enough Lilliputians cast enough threads, taken together such actions might lash trumpzilla to ground or will at least slow the monster down.
With this President and this Administration, Murray's threat to sue is simply painting a bull's eye on Seattle for them to shoot at. Would have been a hell of a lot better to just shut up -- starting the day after Trump's election, before Murray said we'll be a sanctuary city. We could have simply continued being a sanctuary city instead of yelling across the country to DC.
@3: Are you against cops in general or just SPD cops?
Resistance is futile. Intelligence is a highly heritable and desirable trait. The smart marry and beget the smart, and the stupid marry and beget the stupid. Unfortunately, the smart beget far fewer children than the stupid, who breed like rabbits, and it's only a matter of time before the stupids overwhelm us. The average IQ in the US peaked decades ago, and as we descend further into ignorance, fear and hatred, the hallmarks of stupidity, the Donald Trumps of the world will take over. And they will be coming for us. Resistance is futile. Have a nice day.
does his husband really need to be in all of his photo ops, looking very serious and at full attention?