The Morning News: Another Hot Scoop about Milo Yiannopoulos (Just Kidding, We're Gonna Talk about Zoning)


With the U-District upzone, an east-west transit corridor from Ballard to the U-District Light Rail station needs to be expedited. 45th and 50th will not be able to handle the capacity.
Regarding the U-District upzone, can anyone provide examples of how "pay into a fund to build affordable housing elsewhere" works? It seems like a rubber-stamp approved financial penalty to keep dirty poors out of desirable neighborhoods. Where is "elsewhere"? What does "affordable housing elsewhere" actually look like?
glad about the upzone, worried that all the prime parcels have already been developed w/ 5/1s. what's left? gas stations, 1-story retail. hardwicks is doomed.

@2: it goes to subsidize good developers like CHH or Interim. don't get your knickers in a twist; do some homework.
Great Upzone!

Not so sure about the Bubble Tea Tax, which will hit students and poor people more than the fancy hand crafted drinks of the rich
Oh and @1 is correct

It means that most of the "affordable housing" will be built elsewhere, and that Facebook, Twitter, and other UW "tech partners" will build highrise office space where old cheap apartment buildings now stand.
Hope there will be more coverage and followup on that SUV driver who was driving at a high speed, went around other traffic and the barriers, and then rammed so hard into a train filled with people that the train went off the tracks.

And by more followup I mean I hope to see an update that the driver has been stripped of driving privileges forever and has paid Sound Transit, each passenger, and each repairman/woman a hefty sum. One can dream.
@3 the worst is the monolithic apt 6 story building between roosevelt and 11th and stretches from 45th to 47th. what a waste.
Wait a second, I thought cops were above the law.
A deep tech recession, a catastrophic earthquake, and/or a terrorist blowing up the Space Needle are just about the only things that could discourage development in Seattle at this point. Devoting another percentage point toward affordable housing wouldn't cause even the slightest hesitation.
What @7 said. Unless he (I assume it was a he) was epileptic and/or in the middle of some kind of medical emergency, his license should be shredded and put into his food.