Anti-trans activists are targeting Washington students like Myles Peña, pictured above. Come to a rally in Tacoma this Saturday to support of trans students.
Anti-trans activists are targeting Washington students like Myles Peña, pictured above. Come to a rally in Tacoma this Saturday to support trans students and their families. SB

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Washington Lawmakers Slam Trump's Attack on Trans Students: Yesterday, the Trump administration announced it would be revoking an anti-discrimination guidance from the Department of Education that protects transgender students. This action directly contradicts statements Trump made during his campaign, but that doesn't seem to matter much to someone who has so little self control that his aides are constantly scrambling to limit the president's access to Twitter. Seattle mayor Ed Murray named the Trump administration's move for what it was: bullying that specifically targets school kids. Meanwhile, Washington governor Jay Inslee promised, "Washington state will continue to be a place where all children can feel safe from discrimination, harassment or assault based on their gender identity." In a statement, Inslee cited Washington State's 10-year-old human rights law as a safeguard against the Trump administration's anti-trans agenda.

But Washington Evangelicals Are Trying to Repeal the State Law That Protects Trans People: And in a new ballot initiative that's already started a signature gathering drive, Just Want Privacy wants trans grade school students kept out of gender-segregated school bathrooms. The proposed ballot initiative (I-1552)—which failed last year, but this year has a much earlier start—would also allow people to sue public schools where trans students can use the bathrooms in which they feel safe.

Fuck These Motherfuckers: And come to a rally supporting trans students and their families this Saturday in Tacoma. 12-1 p.m. Now's the time to stand against state-sanctioned violence targeting the trans community.

Dakota Access Resistance Camp Raided by Feds, North Dakota Law Enforcement: Police started arresting some of the 100 holdouts who refused to leave on Wednesday afternoon.

North Dakota Authorities Limited Media Access to the Forced Camp Evacuation, Too: Here's Lynda Mapes at the Seattle Times:

Authorities in North Dakota on Tuesday issued restrictions on media covering the camp evacuation, for the first time imposing a requirement for credentials issued by police. Criteria for credentials included agreement to follow instructions from police, to only work in designated areas, and submission of a letter of assignment from “legitimate” news outlets, excluding any free-lance reporters or photographers without such a letter. The requirements were issued under threat of arrest and revocation of the credential.

Reporter Jenni Monet Described How Law Enforcement "Came After Journalists": Monet, who is also Native American, was arrested while covering a different raid on a Standing Rock camp earlier this year.

Seattle Cop Charged for Sending Personal Information on Crime Victims to Q13 News Anchor: Veteran Seattle cop Robert Marlow has also been charged with illegal drug possession "arising from his ties to a North Seattle strip-club dancer, " but that's besides the point. The Times reports: "During the investigation, detectives discovered Marlow also had regularly sent Q13 news anchor David Rose text messages containing personal information on crime victims obtained from a restricted department computer database, according to charging documents filed in King County District Court." Then: "Rose, who contacted the people for news stories, told investigators he was doing his due diligence as a news reporter in using Marlow as a source of information for his stories, the documents say."

Amazon Security Workers Say Company Retaliated After They Requested Prayer Space: The Seattle Globalist reports that two Muslim Amazon security workers say they were hassled and, in one case, fired by supervisors after they requested a place to pray at work.

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The Mormon Church Posthumously Baptized Chief Si'ahl (Seattle) in 1991: This according to the website "MormonLeaks," which released 16 other Mormon baptism documents for various public figures. "But sometimes the baptisms create friction," KUOW reports. "For instance, Jewish groups have objected to the baptism of Jews who died in the Holocaust."

Seattle Jewish Federation Urges Organizations to Be "Mindful of Security": Jewish Federation president Nancy Greer made this comment following the Trump administration's half-assed statement against an alarming rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes.

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