The Morning News: Now's the Time to Stand Up for Trans Students in Washington State.


I DEMAND that people stop DEMANDING things.
Why are you deleting so many comments?
@4: oh so coy.
I really don't understand the depths of the fake realities conservatives have invented for themselves about everyone unlike them
"....state-sanctioned violence targeting the trans community."

As odious as Trump's action here and elsewhere is, this is nonsense. It is language like this that undermines support for otherwise worthy causes and ideas (except for the self-righteous and the activist, where truth is always orthogonal to tactics).

People stop listening when wild, baseless claims are thrown about; if advocates are willing to so blithely lie about simple concepts, trust in other things they say can be deeply undermined.
Yeah, "state-sanctioned violence" is a literal oversell. But find me one person who will change their actual position on the issue if we call it "state-sanctioned discrimination and negligent creation of opportunity for private violence".
@9. Point taken. These days when so much bad has happened in part because of rhetorical excesses (from all quarters) such that certain words don't have meaning anymore (case in point; most of the Ctrl-Left wouldn't know a real Nazi if they got a jackboot up their ass), it may seem niggling to point it out here.

Still, "violence" used to mean something. So unless one can point to changes in statutes that exclude crimes like assault when they happen transgendered people; "state-sanctioned violence" as used here is categorical nonsense AND is an insult to millions world wide who are actual victims of state-sanctioned violence (such as those who met real Nazis).
@8: as if you didn't know why comments are deleted on a thread about trans rights. if you need to read those, there's plenty of local forums where they run rampant.
@Max and Red Herring
I have seen comments to the affect of "trump is angry because he has such a small dick it isn't recognizable as a male sex organ." I'd like to have seen a comment about Hillary Clinton being so offputting and angry because she has an engorged clit-dick (I.e. intersex) making it past the mods (as a slam and not the hypothetical I'm stating).
Let them use the bathroom. Just remind them to lift the seat.
....and put it back down after they're done.