Governor Jay Inslee Issues Executive Order Blocking State from Participating in Federal Immigration Raids, Religious Registry



Where was this kind of leadership when it came to wrapping up McCleary all these years?
So we are going to fight Trumps stupidity with stupidity of our own Jay? You don't have the power to control what the federal government does. It is also dumb to think that all immigrants are good people. Do I think we should be rounding up all people, NO! We should be streamlining the path to citizenship. There are bad people in this world. To say otherwise is dumb.
@2 It's a fantasy to think that the ICE agents are just rounding up "bad people". They are going thru immigrant neighborhoods and rounding up people who may look immigrant not really knowing if they are citizens or not. I don't carry my papers with me.... do you?
@2 "You don't have the power to control what the federal government does."

*blink* *blink*.

Well, duh.

Inslee does, however, have some authority over *state government* and that is exactly what the article was about.

Reading comprehension is hard but I'm sure with time and practice you will master it.
This is giving me some fleeting hope to keep fighting after yesterday!

Oh, and @2? Can you go climb back into whatever hole you slimed your way out of? Thanks!
Inslee is such a joke. Just follows the cameras. How about you argue for all your constituents and not just those in three cities?? (Seattle, Spokane, and Olympia)

Also, your primary duty, per YOUR OATH of office! -…

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the CONSTITUTION of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the state of Washington, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of (name of office) to the best of my ability.

Since when do you get to pick and choose what you want to enforce? If you can do that I vote we all can start drinking and driving. I mean, where does this end? If you dont like the law the way it is written then push for a Constitutional amendment. Quit grandstanding.

I am <3 ing the Seattle Times comments on this order.
@6 lol I also heart how dumb-as-shit you are.
@6: Oh, is there a religious register mentioned in the Constitution?

Also, time brush up on that whole history of "state's rights".
@3 @4 @5 kiss both sides. I married into a family that immigrated to this country, and I am a third generation American. I do not think Jay, or any of these politicians are trying to improve the immigration system. Your reading comprehension obviously is lacking if you think I want ICE to round up people blindly. I said that we should be streamlining the immigration process to help make immigrants citizens as fast as possible and as easy as possible. This is political grandstanding, this is not solution based idea to improve the system. You are blind to reality if you think that we can simply not inforce laws. Anyone seen a politician talking about making immigration easier? Nope, not popular. We have thousands of immigrants in Washington and I don't see jay doing anything to make them citizens faster. Wouldn't that defeat trump, and help Washington? But grandstanding to keep your base happy while not actually lifting a finger to improve our country and welcoming people into our country is fine with you. Like
He's spotlight grabbing. Not going to let the Washington AG get all the press because he may run for Gov. And he has his own ambitions. And he only reiterated policies all ready in place for a quarter of a century.
I know it's not right to comment on a politician's appearance / objectify them but I find Insleee so handsome! He's tall too. GILF alert!
Way to go and right spot ON, Governor Jay!!
@3, @4, &@5: Agreed.
@2: I second Tammy: crawl back into your slime hole in Mom's basement.
@11: It's what MikeyC @4 said---Jay Inslee is doing exactly his job as elected governor of Washington to enforce our state's constitutional laws. Inslee's right, too, about Twitler's lame threat to "see us in court": 'We saw you in court, and won.'
STFU already.
Sorry Jay, but your executive order doesn't have the authority to queer the deal on a federal mandate. Nice try though.
@15: I'm with Governor Inslee. What part of the judge's decision against Trumpzilla's bullshit executive orders don't you get, or can't you read?
Go back to your troll hole with @2.
"INS-LEY! INS-LEY! INS-LEY! Jay Insley is filmed in front of a live state constituency. If you want to come see a taping of The Jay Insley For President Show and live in, near or are visiting the Seattle municipal area and please call 1-800-WAA-AAAA
The Feds don't need any help from the state whenever it conducts immigration raids. This Gubernatorial order is nothing more than more lip-service from the Democrats, which is what the Democrats excel at.
@2, @15, @17 & @18: Feel free to leave the state at any time. Don't let a semi on I-90 hit you in the asses on the way out. Don't cry to me, though, when your alleged GOP Promised Land east of the Cascades is really a Trumpzillian hellhole of no return.
@2, @15, @17, & @18: But being cowardly, pathetic little trolls oinking from the safety of your mom's basements, you can't. You won't.
Yeaaaaa, state's rights!
Yes! Behind you all the way! Thank God someone has enough sense and balls to do something other than follow along like sheep.
Hope you can get by without the Feds money. But you're libs, just raise taxes.
I wish this article clarified what the actual Order from Inslee said. It does a great job of hyping the governor and speculating about Trump's policies but does nothing to help actual DACA holders to know what police are allowed to ask them now.
@23 You do realize since "sanctuary city" and "dreamers" are just words we invented and are not actually on any laws, right?

-- To expand: If DT revokes federal funds, he has to cite a legal statute that states have broken. There is no legal statute involving sanctuary cities, it's a colloquial (street) word people came up with. Quote the 2nd line of wikipedia federal guidelines "The designation has no precise legal meaning,"

The whole "taking away federal money" is a huge statement full of hot air intended to scare people. Legally it will (and actually cannot) happen. WA sued for the immigration ban, and you bet your ass they'll sue if funds get taken away. DT and everyone know this already.

TL;DR: You can't take away federal funds without citing a law that states broke. There is no such thing as a sanctuary city law.
Legally it won't*
Wow threatening to withhold money like ur dealing with children and candy. I applaud Jay 4 standing up to this modern day Hitler๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
RCW 43.01.020 Oath of Office -- I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the state of Washington and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Governor of the state of Washington to the best of my ability. .... A violation of the oath of office is an offense that can lead to recall from office. The oath mentions nothing about following federal laws; it does mention support of US Constitution. Is Gov. Inslee's action to block the executive order on immigration a violation of his oath of office? .... next thought=> McCleary case showed clear violation of state constitution yet this violation was sanctioned by the Supreme Court. Were the Gov. the Judges, and members of state house and senate all in violation of their oath of office? If so why did no one begin a recall action?
Trump is not Hitler. Inslee is not Jesus. This is posturing and nothing more.
Another reason to be proud of our state. We stand against federal intrusion and we take privacy seriously. I'm proud to call myself a Washingtonian.
Excuse my Liberal Tax Raising behind but you realize the Build the Wall Program you Yahoos chant every time the cue card comes up at a Twitler rally is going to tax all of our asses .
He's my hero!! Washington State rocks! We will resist, and we will prevail!