Live: We're Outside GOP Rep. Dave Reichert's Office, Where Hundreds of his Constituents Are Rallying to be Heard



Let's see, doing a head count of people on the top photo where everyone is told to stand together and act really excited, we have exactly 75 people.

Weak sauce.
Let's. Oh. There's video footage of them standing out in the street on what looks to be 56th St. in Issaquah and...
Yep. About 75 people still with an additional 20 news people and Issaquah police added in.

What a movement!
I'd venture it's a higher % of Reichert's constituency than was at Trump's inauguration (which was "the biggest crowd ever,") so Reichert better consider this a giant mandate.
@4 Yeah. It's almost like the poor and working class people that voted for Trump weren't able to drop everything, take time off from their jobs, and spend thousands of dollars for air fare, lodging and meals in order to attend an event 3,000 miles away.
As opposed to the rich, white, liberals living on Queen Anne Hill, Magnolia and the Mount Baker neighborhood who attended the 2008 nomination.
The fact that some doofus is wasting his time here doing headcounts of photos in order to contest the Stranger on local Dave Reichert-related crowd sizes is enough to make it all worth it.

What are you doing with your life? Where did it all go wrong?
@5: so good to hear so many working class folks had jobs last year. Thanks Obama!
Poor triggered anonymous trolls.
So... Why aren't you in Issaquah standing with your 75 fellow travelers?

Yeah, apparently Donny didn't think to count the protesters in the other images from Rich's Twitter feed, which clearly shows them on both sides of the street.
The Seattle Times also reported that hundreds attended. The Times article included a fact that The Stranger overlooked, Reichert’s district office was cordoned off with crime scene tape, seems appropriate.
@12, Oooh that's compelling but we have an expert counter here and he seems pretty confident that 75 is thee official number.
Oh yeah. "Hundreds".
Well it should be pretty easy then for the top notch staff here at The Stranger to capture that image.
Oh wait. All I see is the same 75 people milling around uselessly on the sidewalk.
Well. Let's take a look at what Jim Brunner has to say.
Wow. It looks lie the Seattle Times captured a photo of - gasp - well under a 100 people.
Actually, I'm surprised Donny can even count to 75...
Awww... Poor anonymous Slog troll. Can't argue facts. Can't even come up with a good insult.


Well, it's not like you're worth the effort...
Oh. I'm sorry. You think I actually care what an irrelevant, anonymous troll on Slog says?

Now that IS funny.
You obviously think we care what you have to say, sooo...

If you didn't care, you wouldn't waste all that time and then reporting back to the group in an attempt to impress us with your Mad Counting Skillz.
A hundred people who didn't vote for him showed up to threaten to -- *gasp* -- not vote for him AGAIN.
Compare the number of people outside Reichert's office to the crowd of people lined out outside CPAC to see President 45 speak, which he claimed was "at least six blocks long."

Two people would have been more of a draw than Orange Julius Caesar.