Guest Editorial: Murray, Cantwell Owe Us Stronger Resistance to Trump Agenda


Whichever politician most vociferously opposes Trump, his platform, and his supproters will be the one that gets my vote.
But Senatrix Can't-do-Well is a rich person; do you honestly don't know the history of rich people's treatment of the rest of Humanity?
I've actually been surprised and pleased by both Cantwell and Murray so far. They were both milquetoast quislings during the disastrous CaliguBush years, however their leadership so far has given me some hope (other than Cantwell potentially voting for Ben Carson to run HUD. I'm more qualified to run HUD than that idiot savant, and so would nine out of ten people chosen randomly off the street. The same could be said for that SCROTUS sleazebag).
Are we surprised that these Clinton SUPERDELEGATES are not true progressives?
If you want to convince me that our representatives aren't doing a good job you are going to have to show me the issues that they voted with Trump on and explain why they should have voted the other way. Simply stating that they voted with Trump 1/3 of the time lacks any kind of context that will convince me. What were the votes that 1/3 of the time?
I guess I'd like them to vote 100% to piss Trump off, but I can't say I feel strongly about it, because in the end what are the consequences? With a legislative minority what shift in outcomes are we ultimately going for here? I care more about their non-vote actions, like how they form the news.

For a big effect the sad fact is we ultimately have to peel some Republicans off the Trump agenda. Yes, it's annoying they get to drive, and that they get extra credit for coming late to the "decent human being" party, but there we are.
The only yes votes by Murray were for uncontroversial cabinet appointees: Sec. Defense, DHS Secretary, CIA Director, Sec. of Transportation and Secretary of the VA.

All of these appointments had bipartisan support and many of the appointees were praised by democrats, republicans and nonpartisan policy experts.

Why did the Stranger even choose to publish this "article"? It's literally an article about nothing.
I totally don't care about hassling allies to be more extreme. I want to replace Rs.
@8: Yeah, me too. I'd much rather put effort into replacing Reichert than hassling the Dems.
And CM Sawant? How does Seattle Indivisible feel
About her? She actively campaigned against Clinton, is Seattle Indivisible ok with that?
I don't feel that Cantwell and Murray owe us more than they're giving. (You might not have written the headline, but it's the point you were making.) I just feel lucky that two such smart, hardworking, decent, left-of-center people are willing to do this difficult job. I sure wouldn't be.
I've been no fan of Murray in recent years (the base in this state left her behind long ago), but she's been utilizing the powerbase she's built pretty damn well in opposition to Trump IMO. Cantwell still needs to earn her keep, but Murray's giving a pretty good demonstration of what a senior Democratic senator with clout can accomplish in this context--I recall reading a piece about just how influential she was in building the case against several of Trump's more odious appointments.
@1, @3, and @12: Agreed. Bravo to Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell for continuing their diligent work at a tough job----I'm with janele (@12); my stomach couldn't stand all those nauseating Repigs on a daily basis.
They should block any stimulus or infrastructure spending, too (something that Democrats should be able to get enough strange-bedfellows cooperation from fiscal conservative Republicans to succeed on).

Doing so will help ensure that Trump fails in his agenda to bring jobs back and gets unseated. In order for freedom to succeed, Trump must fail.
I agree with those stating that you need to provide why you take issues with the specific candidates that they approved. The expectation can't be that they should simply say no to anyone 45 puts forward. I do think Maria Cantwell could be fighting a little harder (and will be calling her today to say so), but if you don't think Patty Murray is fighting her a$$ off for us - just do this one thing: sign up for Google Alerts with her name (along with your other reps). She's in the news several times a day, every day, for vociferously standing up to the current administration. There was recently a Huffpost article written about her titled "A Mild-Mannered Woman From Washington Is The Democrats’ Deadliest Weapon." Does that sound like a senator that's not doing enough? I understand the desire to hold our politicians accountable, but you're picking the wrong battle here. As someone else mentioned above, why are we not focused more on taking out Reichert in the next election? This is totally achievable if we can keep stay focused on it, instead of encouraging infighting amongst our own.
Grow up. Blind resistance to everything the President ever does or possibly could do makes you no better than McConnell & the Republicans. If/when Trump crosses the line, then by all means: resist! However, the kind of shit that you're suggesting amounts to throwing a juvenile hissy fit because this is our team and that's their team - and it's ruining our democracy.

@17 "If/when Trump crosses the line"?!?!?

What, have you been asleep for the past year or so as he's followed the fascist playbook so faithfully, lying, stirring up xenophobia, racism, misogyny, transphobia, proclaiming the press a public enemy, wondering why he can't use nuclear weapons, almost starting a trade war with Mexico, I could go on and on?

You're no responsible adult, you're a normalizer of fascism. Wake up!
Maybe the Nazis will be nice to us if we vote with them on concentration camps?

It's just a civil matter, right?
Both Murray and Cant-Do-Well are only in it to collect their paychecks. I'm surprised they even show up for work.
As if our senators and former president aren't already notorious for "reaching across the aisle," they probably feel more compelled to do so than ever in the hope of getting results from "working with" GOP Senators on rare issues of agreement, e.g., aligning themselves with John McCain on Russian hacking. We should count our lucky stars that we elected Pramila instead of Brady, who based much of his campaign on his willingness to "reach across the aisle" even though it should be obvious to the whole world by now that such an approach causes Democrats to get their hands chopped off.
@17 Stop spouting false equivalence under the guise of being a "reasonable adult." Just FTS.

Reichert even did a virtlual meeting with his constituents while pointing out that these two didnt even do that. And now they passed on the opportunity to attend a meeting created for them by Indivisible Seattle. We need the a progressive tea party to move the Democratic Party to a progressive agenda.