Why Moonlight Needs to Win Big at the Oscars on Sunday


The ending was dated and unbelievable. *SPOILER* The guy has never had sex since he was a child. He's very socially isolated, but he walks around with a smartphone in his pocket? Not very representative of today. It felt like a sad, lonely gay man movie from 40 years ago.

The rest of the movie was good, and Janelle Monae was great in this and in Hidden Figures.
Yes, and in 2206 Brokeback Mountain needed to win instead of Crash. The Oscars have never been a democratic entity, but only about the refined wisdom and good judgement by the Academy. So trying to weave SJW into a result to be announced by silly actors after doing a silly schtick on Sunday night is terribly futile.
I guess on person's unbelievable is another's profound, because to me the ending was everything, and it sat with me for days. He never learned what it means to be loved, he was only taught how to be hard, to fear intimacy, and to be ashamed of his sexuality. If the ending were any different it wouldn't carry the same weight.

And yes it should win best picture, simply because it was so well written and executed. I refuse to believe that cloying pile of garbage la la land is a better movie.
I agree with you about La La Land, blip@3.

Sadly, I predict it will win. Why? Not because it's all that great, but because it is about Hollywood. Most everyone actually voting for Oscars is immersed in Hollywood. They'll be voting for their own vision of what they think Hollywood is about. Same reason Birdman won a couple years ago. Hollywood navel gazing.
I'ld put Hidden Figures above Moonlight any day of the week. Both had excellent acting but one was uplifting and inspiring while the other was as depressing a movie as I've seen recently. If Moonlight hadn't followed so closely on the tails of the Trump election maybe I'ld feel differently (although I doubt it), but man, it was the last thing I needed to see at that time.
Moonlight is undoubtedly the best picture of 2016 – just a beautiful human story, beautifully made – but I wouldn't hold my breath for it to be Best Picture tomorrow night. I gave up long ago on seeing the Oscar go to the actual best picture. This is Hollywood we're talking about. I'd be happy to see Human Figures win, but it's going to be La La Land.
Everybody talks about "The Academy". They should do this, they should do that. Well, AMPAS is a Private organization. They can pretty much do what they want. It's their club, with their own rules. If some people don't like it. Then don't try to join the club that you talk shit about. Don't submit your films to a club that you whine about. Because if you do, you're bowing to the very group you complain about. If you worry about what a group of old white people think, then they've won.
@7, A football game is just a bunch of millionaires giving each other concussions while chasing a ball around a field, but for some reason people actually give a shit how the game ends. The oscars are more or less the same kind of thing only without all the brain damage.
Seriously, Raindrop, "SJW"? I know that you're quite a ways to the right from me, but I think of that term as something used by a rightwing manchild. You seemed more grown up to me than that. Wildly misguided on occasion, but not childish.
@9: Okay, replace 'SJW' with "idealistic sociological activism" in that sentence. Is that better?
@10, better, as in exposing you as a troll? Absolutely.
@11: Well, excuse me for being sensitive and accommodating. You're the one that is undoubtably being the troll here.
Belittling social activism as idealistic is being sensitive and accommodating? Using SJW as a pejorative is being sensitive and accommodating? Only when you live under a bridge.

When you live under a bridge, it is easy to see others as a troll. Trying to get kudos for at best backhanded compliments? Really?
@13: So how is it belittling to say that the choice of best picture of the year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences cannot be counted on to follow the wishes of social activists?
@14: It isn't. Not every word that came out of your "mouth" was objectionable. The objection is to words used to make your point, not the point itself.

It is my impression that very few local liberals even pay attention to the Academy Awards these days, and those that do tend to skew towards an older and more Caucasian demographic.