It’s spring. And the world hasn’t ended. Depending on how you look at things, it’s even mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful out there. Here's a quick breakdown of what you can find in The Stranger's Spring 2017 edition of the Seattle Art and Performance Guide, which hit streets today.

Jim Woodring’s art is pure joy. Take a good hard look above at the lines and blobs on the cover of this magazine. If his greatness is still not clear to you, click here for a breakdown, component by component. If it’s not clear after that, head straight to the Frye Art Museum and look at his humongous drawings for yourself. They’re up until April 16.

In nerdy book news, sci-fi/fantasy star Neil Gaiman is coming to Benaroya Hall on April 2. He talks about past visits to Seattle and the inspirations he’s had while walking around our city right here.

Seattle Opera is staging a not-very-well-known work by a Czech sexagenarian who wrote it in the throes of unrequited lust for a woman in her 20s. Trisha Ready describes Katya Kabanova’s music and backstory here.

Musical theater director Bill Berry is on a hot streak at 5th Avenue Theatre. He cast Jinkx Monsoon in Rent in 2012, staged a flawless Little Shop of Horrors in 2014, and his latest, The Pajama Game, bursts with hilarious ensemble performances. How does he do it? I look into it here.

Trivia time! How well do you know Orlando? Test your knowledge with our handy quiz right here.

And finally, we have a huge, pretty much comprehensive breakdown of events happening between now and early June as compiled by the ever-industrious Stranger Things To Do Staff, including theater, dance and comedy, classical music and opera, jazz, film, readings and talks, and visual art.