Doing nothing is not an option.
Doing nothing is not an option. ISTOCK BY GETTY/HONG LI

What can you do when you see discriminatory harassment on the street?

Call the City of Seattle's new Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) hotline at 206-233-7100 to report it. The hotline, part of the Bias Hurts campaign, is to be used for reporting discrimination and harassment in public, at work, and while applying for housing.

An important reminder from the civil rights office: "It is illegal in Seattle to harass someone based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and other protected groups."

They continued: "SOCR can investigate allegations of discriminatory harassment, issue findings and mandate remedies."

“We’ve set up the hotline so people in Seattle can contact the Office for Civil Rights immediately if they are harassed or discriminated against,” Patricia Lally, SOCR director, said in a statement. “But more important, we want to join with the community to develop actions that we can take to protect and support people over the long term. As a community, we need to take care of one another as much as we can.”

According to the SOCR statement, city representatives will also meet with community groups to better understand residents' experiences with discrimination and hate in their neighborhoods.

Note: Folks should report physical violence, property damage, and malicious threats to the Seattle Police Department by calling 911.

Earlier this month, SPD launched their bias and hate crime dashboard. So far in 2017, 25 hate-related incidents have been reported. Check out their tracker here.

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