David Letterman at last years 75th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony
David Letterman at last year's 75th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony Ilya S. Savenok / Getty

In a new Q&A appearing on Vulture.com, former late night guru David Letterman (who's in full-on Santa Claus mode—will you look at that beard?) talked about what he'd ask if he still had a show and was given the chance to interview President Donald Trump.

He discusses his past history with the current POTUS, when Trump was just a "mogul" and a "joke of a wealthy guy," lauds Alec Baldwin's SNL performance in his parody of Trump, and says that comedy is one of the best ways we can protect ourselves. When asked how satire can protect us from Trump, he elaborates:

The man has such thin skin that if you keep pressure on him — I remember there was a baseball game in Cleveland, and a swarm of flies came on the field and the batters were doing this [mimes swatting at flies] while the pitcher was throwing 100 miles an hour. Well, that’s Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live. It’s distracting the batter. Eventually Trump’s going to take a fastball off the sternum and have to leave the game

There's a heck of alot more—and it's not all about Trumpy (as Letterman and son Harry like to call him). In fact, Letterman is more talkative and forthright than he seemed to be on his own show. (Retirement will do that to you—just ask another beloved, recently departed talk show host, Jon Stewart.) Check out the entirety of the Letterman interview here.