Reader E-Mailbag: Objections About The Great Wall Review, Ashamed Former Husky Speaks Out


I refuse to take someone named Talon seriously.
Broussard is a pro-Trump meme troll, in the vein of Milo Yiannopolis (if his YouTube channel subscriptions are any indication). Judging a book by its cover, he also looks like a white supremacist, too. My guess is students were angry with him because he was filming their faces with the intent of distributing identifying details of them to his fellow trolls, some of which have since gone on to viciously harass students and faculty at UW after being doxxed.

If he doesn't want people to think he's an alt-right/Nu Reich shit-poster, I suggest he not act like/look like one.
Is anyone from the tent city collective paying to see movies in theaters?
While we're worrying about Matt Damon playing a white savior for the Chinese, I haven't heard a lot about how the hordes of monsters he's helping save them from seem to be stand-ins for Mongolians, who we hopefully don't need reminding are also people. Are there just not enough Mongolian-Americans to raise this issue?
@1 Okay, you may have just proved Talon's point.
The Great Wall is a film with a Chinese director, that was shot on location in China, and distributed by the China Film Group.

Yes, its horrible to see the 'whole savior' trope in a 2017 film, and inexcusable that a progressive like Matt Damon could not have foreseen how offensive that is before agreeing to star in this film, but the bigger question is, why were there so many Chinese who went along with this?

It's one thing to school a clueless white guy on why China has plenty of heroes of it's own, thankyouverymuch, and how less offensive this would have been if the hero were Chinese. Now, try making that same argument to the director, Zhang Yimou. Or the supporting cast. Or the distribution company. Or the People's Daily, which praised the film and lashed out at its critics.
It's called The First Amendment DUDE. The people who financed , Produced, and made this film can make it any way they want. It's their money, not yours. If you don't like, then do something about it. Like Uh, changing The Constitution. If not, don't go see it, or STFU, or both. The choice is yours.
Did anyone actually read the review? Yes, Matt Damon is in the movie, but he does not play the part of a white saviour. If anything, he's the clueless foreigner that they have to point in the right direction. My understanding was that they cast him in this mostly Chinese production purely to draw in American viewers. His character is an ally, and does fight alongside them, but he does not save the day, and people are getting all het up without bothering to do their research.
@7- Troll better.