What more could you want when you have the drunk munchies?
What more could you want when you have the drunk munchies? Tobias Coughlin-Bouge

Good news, burger lovers: Dick's Drive-In, inarguably the king of late night eats since it opened in Wallingford in 1954, is planning to launch a new location. Even better news: If you want to dip your salty fries into a chocolate shake a wee bit closer to home, you can vote for where you think the next joint should open!

“We promised our customers that we would continue to expand east and south if our north location was a success,” Jim Spady, president of Dick’s Drive-Ins and the son of founder Dick Spady, told The Seattle Times. “We’re very happy to ask our customers to again help us decide where we build next.”

The drive-in has been beloved by Stranger staffers for, uh, decades. We've lauded Dick's hot fudge sundaes and the classic Dick's Deluxe, stood in awe (or maybe horror?) of a waffle-ized burger, and even counted on their burgers for good luck. We also mourned when Dick's founder Dick Spady passed away last year—just another reason 2016 was so godawful.

Dick's currently has locations in Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Lake City, Edmonds, and on Holdman Road. So where should they open next? Vote here.

Note: The Dick's website appears to be down at the moment. Too much traffic from excited burger fans? Who knows...