and the whole idea is a big FU to allies. best of luck to em i guess.
I would be interested in hearing comments on this from some actual womxn, as opposed to our usual White Male Peanut Gallery.
ooh, will the stranger post about "Girls" all day in solidarity while wearing a pink pussy hat??
Well, this is disheartening.
It's also a "day without a man to blame". Better not get into any accidents out there. Hospitals, Firehouses, and Police stations may end up being short staffed. It's gonna be a fun-filled day - for sure!
@7: Please feel free to crawl back into your dark, cavernous slime hole--and stay there. Do society a favor and don't be part of the ongoing Repig-fueled problem.

Ana, what can be done to ensure that ALL women, whatever their financial / employment situation, can participate in this event?
Holy shit, these comments are a shit show.

Allies, you can wear red if so inclined.
@8 Hey auntie grizelda. I don't have a singular answer here. According to the Women's March organizers, folks can wear red in solidarity. If that's not your style of involvement, I'd encourage you to write/call/rally with fellow constituents against WA politicians and other state legislators who are supporting defunding Planned Parenthood, undoing the ACA, or supporting Trump's travel ban, among other issues. These issue affect all women, gender nonconforming folks, and allies.
@10 ok white dude here, but I'm confused how thats not inclusive? Sure some people can't wear red due to having jobs with uniforms, but some people can't make it to marches due to having to work those days. This just feels like perfect being the enemy of good...
I'm retired so I can't go on strike at work. My significant other is away on business so I can't refuse to make his dinner. So I'm going to wear red (and a pussyhat, dammit) and patronize as many local female-owned businesses as I can find. If I see anything that crawled out of a swamp on my travels, I will "accidentally" knee it in the nuts.
How the hell can we only shop at womxn-owned businesses if the womxn take the day off work?
@13: Shop at them Thursday.
@11: Of course the perfect is the enemy of the good. We progressives/leftists/Democrats/ whatever-you-want-to-call-us have perfected the art and science of eating our own. Channeling Gov. Inslee here, we can't even organize a two-car funeral without it devolving into an unfocused, actual-purpose-be-damned shitshow with every liberal cause screaming for their 15 seconds of fame on local teevee.
@4, I'm a woman who is retired but if I were still working, I'd be unable to take the day off because my bosses wouldn't have allowed it (and that's the case with most women workers). I live on SS and savings so I can't afford to buy anything anywhere. And I think this whole thing is stupid so I'm not deliberately wearing red. The marches after Inauguration Day were a good national expression of disgust, but this silly showpiece will mean nothing.
#2:'re still back on the absurd "we can't question anything in this country because religious extremists" thing?
@10, state legislators have nothing to do with federal issues.
Think it's a great idea. Any national strike sends a message of resistance to the Trump regime and the status quo. Those who can't, can participate or show their solidarity in other ways. We also need, as a nation, to learn how to "Shut it down." Because that's the one they'll understand - and, in order to do that - we need as much practice as possible until it gets as big as it should.

Also think it's great that we're entering an era where two unknown people via social media can get something started ITO of acting up. Real change comes from the bottom up, down top down. The ones who sound "privileged" are the ones who can afford to object to mass protest.

I can't. I need it as much as possible. The revolution is here, not waiting for the committee to decide when and where it's o.k. Maybe some of them don't want their help or workers taking the day off.
Amen, German Sausage @1. Sounds like some screwy privileged Clinton Democrat type neo-liberal logic.
No thanks. Rasmea Yousef Odeh was made co-chair of this event. Her claim to fame is she murdered two Jewish teens in Israel then when she applied for US citizenship years later she falsely claimed she had no criminal record. Now she's a cause celebre.
Despite the mantras of black and Muslim victimization both groups are on the giving end of violence towards people outside their groups then visa versa. Black on Asian violence has been an epidemic both in Seattle and this country for 4 decades. There have been 3 murders and almost 60 assaults on Asians in the last year and no outcry but there was immediate outcry when a white guy shot a POC recently and there is immediate outcry anytime blacks make an accusation of racism. There has been continually anti-Jewish harassment in Seattle by mob protesters. There are 5 times more hate crimes against Jews than Muslims but the left, both in Seattle and elsewhere, are so quick to rush to the side of Muslims over any perceived slight towards them while either ignoring of being apologists for far worse aggression towards Jews. BLM protesters have engaged in anti-Jewish harassment and rhetoric in this city on many occasions and there is no condemnation. There was a Jewish man who had a gun pulled on him at IHOP for speaking Hebrew. The Stranger never mentioned it. The suspect was described as a POC wearing a "Free Palestine" hat. Intersectionality at this point really means to blindly support the lefts favored groups (blacks, Muslims, illegal immigrants). No thanks. I can decide for myself who to support. The idea that white feminists are required to support BLM is as silly as saying they have to support AIPAC. People who say feminists must support ALL women and fight racism are perfectly fine that Jews and Asians, including women, are not supported or shown solidarity when those who victimize us are the left's favored groups.
I understand the criticism, but I wonder why this wasn't an issue when it was "A Day Without Immigrants?" Wouldn't all of the same arguments have applied? There were a lot of stories written after the fact about businesses that fired their workers for participating, but there wasn't a barrage of articles on sites like this criticizing the privilege of the organizers of that strike before it even took place. In fact, there were a lot of articles written praising it. Seriously, can someone explain this?
@4 I am a woman and am not participating for the reasons I stated above. These reasons are why I shun pretty much all leftists events. The hypocrisy and elephants in the room are much to much.
@16 You said you didn't see the point to it. This event is organized by far leftist groups along with illegal immigration, Muslim, and black lobby groups. The idea is that you get a huge number of women together then demand to lobby for their far leftist demands which are that Hispanics don't have to follow the same immigration law as everyone else, Islamaphobia is more dangerous than Islamic violence, and blacks are always the victims who need constant advocacy, whose abusive behavior must always be supported or at least condoned, and whose financial and emotion extortion must always be capitulated to. If you don't believe these things you are not welcome. I'm sure it's obvious where I stand on these things.
@22 Because when it's the immigrant strike it's mostly POC. The women's events often get mostly white women. Not a huge shock since 70% of the country are white women. When white women get too uppity the left is quick to shame them that they "are privileged" and try to make them direct their advocacy to BLM and other questionable POC groups. The irony is feminism was supposed to be about women making their own choices but now it means white women must be submissive to Muslim, black and illegal immigration lobby groups even when it means putting up with sexism, patronization, contempt scapegoating and just general abuse.
White women, before you link arms...better take a read.…
I dunno, the taco trucks could shut down on the immigrant strike day w/o losing the wherewithal to come back to work the next day.
@25 I read it and it's no different than the usual white guilt crap. White women are not obligated to direct their advocacy towards blacks. Black leftists are the most racist people on the planet and have engaged in mob violence, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence towards other persecuted groups. Let them own up to their own wrongs and denounce the haters in their own communities for a change. Let them take the plank out of their own eye.
So did they smash the patriarchy? Oh yeah--that's never the purpose, nor is it to pass actual bills or get anything concrete done, it's just to "show solidarity" and "send messages," i.e., to take a day off, feel good and transgressive, and hang out with friends while virtue-signaling. In the meantime, how many muslim women in Middle Eastern hellholes got their faces splashed with acid today while smug Linda Sarsour smirked from the paddy wagon?

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