Dear Paul,

Car insurance premiums paid by drivers who don't get in crashes subsidize the care and/or legal liabilities of drivers who do get in crashes. Lucky, un-crashed people pay for unlucky, crashed people. That's not a "fatal conceit." That's literally how car insurance works. I pay home owners insurance. My home didn't burn down last year. My neighbor's home did. My premiums helped pay to rebuild her home. Again, not a "fatal conceit." Literally how homeowners insurance works. And health insurance works the same way. You aren't being cheated if you pay insurance premiums—auto, home, or health—without getting into a car wreck, losing your house in a fire, or coming down with cancer.

Since you can't be this stupid, Paul, I can only assume you think voters are this stupid. And while there's ample evidence for that, I don't think you're going to get away with it this time. Not even if you take your suit jacket off.



P.S. Was "fuck women who get breast cancer in their forties" added to the GOP platform when the language condemning Russia for invading Ukraine was taken out and no one noticed?