Washington Attorney General Will Take on Trump's New Travel Ban, Too


Let the furious tweets commence.
This administration has caused nothing but strife and misery since Jan 20th. We're not safer, just sicker and more wretched. It's all wrong and unconscionable!
If we can get Ferguson to sue Trump in civil court as well, maybe we can get enough funds to build high speed rail across the entire state
@2 Careful with those pearls, sweetie.
Oh dear, there go the court costs Washington was awarded from the first case.
Fergusen (and Washington State taxpayers) will be footing the bill for this one.
I'm not at all crazy about this new travel ban, but what amuses me is how Fergusen is running to the national spotlight again, papers flying.
@5: We'll be paying for it all one way or another, asshole.
@7: It's horrible, why is it funny?

It's sad how slow others are to act in the face of evil.
As a personal note, Ferguson has protected my household when it was defrauded in the past by con artists, I'm very happy to see him protecting my neighbors and America from fraudsters.

He's a good human being, and I'm very glad his people are there.
He's a Politician, he's thinking of his future as much as anything else. Don't be naive.
"underlying defects". That about sums it up. Thx SydB--good as usual.
Go, AG Bob Ferguson, go!
@2 iseult: Agreed, and (re @4): Ignore him--he's trolling.
@5: STFU, asshole.
@8, @9, and @10: Spot on! Resistance to Trumpzillan madness is our only hope.
@7 & @11: No---Trumpzilla and its lackeys are incompetent, criminally insane idiots.
Ferguson, Governor Jay Inslee and others are calling these corrupt assholes on their bullshit.
You are twisted by your crippling bitterness and hatred.
Have you ever sought counseling?
@2 @6 @9 @13: I'm disappointed in your laziness! You forgot to add LITERALLY HITLER, fascists, white supremacists, xenophobes, islamophobes, mysogynists, and also that they might have chapped lips. But the "criminally insane" (@13) was nice, please add that next time too.
@16 I know you can do better than that! I believe in you.