Courtesy ACLU

To battle back against Trump and the GOP's agenda, the more groups and organizations we have the better. That's why the ACLU is starting a new citizen resistance group called "People Power" that's designed to "fight the Trump administration lawfully and systematically" and "put pressure on elected officials and local law enforcement officials through targeted grassroots action." From

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“ will be a one-stop hub for activist resources and listings of ACLU nationwide mobilizations, activities sponsored by like-minded groups, and information about local gatherings posted by volunteers across the country.”

And tomorrow, Saturday March 11, marks People Power's first big launch with a livestream event being broadcasted across the country, which is intended to offer resistance training to fight against Trump's agenda, as well as providing organizational skills. And there are a lot of these get-togethers in the Seattle area on Saturday, so there's sure to be a location near you. Sign up here to attend, help, and RESIST.

As always, check out The Stranger's RESISTANCE & SOLIDARITY calendar for the latest in activist events. Got an event you want to publicize? Submit your event here or email us the info at

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