Fact Check: Congressman Dave Reichert’s Misleading Statements About the Threats Posed by His Constituents


such a wuss.
The fact that Issaquah and Wenatchee are represented by the same congressman is absurd.
@3: and Chelan and Ellensburg. the Cascade Curtain should be absolute.
Know liar lies. Shocking.
Dude said he had a BA and it turns out he only had an AA, what wont he lie about?
Maybe Reichert should give a clear condemnation of the people who have spent DECADES stoking hate, anger, racism, sexism and bigotry with dog whistles and gas lighting, just so they can divert $$$$$ to the rich and their corporate masters!

Oh wait!
So much for the tough nosed cop who brought down the Green River Killer. Who knew he was such as spineless jellyfish after all?
Brain damaged (i.e. TBI) ?? That explains a lot.

The tree branch must have taken out the compassion and anti-paranoia lobes.
@3/4: The population balance of the two states calls for one district to cross the mountains. There's probably a way to draw the lines to include rural Western Washington towns rather than suburbs though.
@7 - another Reichert myth. He did not bring down the GRK:

These congresscritters are inventing excuses so they don't have to answer the tough questions. It's very easy to have a respectful crowd: just announce that one person at a time is allowed to speak at the microphone, and the meeting will end if there are any disruptions.
Funny, Gabby Giffords office was completely open for business essentially immediately after staffers were killed and she was shot and almost killed. I guess Arizona Democrats are tougher than Washington Republicans.
Both Dave Reichert and double-dipping, Trumpzillian dick sucker Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale have got to go, and by industrial sized garbage bag. Time to wrap their sorry pork fat asses up and ship them to the Koch brothers' evil empire in Wall Street's bankster district for the next RepubliKKKan barbecue. Repigs eat their own, and need to lose some of their own in order to get a clue.
As one of the many, many longtime cynics who had given up on American politics because of its deep slide into the money pit, now beginning to wake up once more on the sharp end of Trumptopia, I have to own up: Dave Reichert and the hundreds of biz-as-usual pols, from the center of the Beltway out, elephant or ass, are there because I PUT them there. In my case, mostly by too-cool-for-school passivity. I figure I have roughly 27 thousand perfectly useful and highly rational excuses (I'm an educated guy).
What Dave Reichert sees in the mirror in the morning, with that $50 haircut not looking so good, is something he has to live with. I don't know the man, but suspect he doesn't have much trouble with that: a truly accomplished liar ALWAYS has to convince him or herself first. Plus, a guy whose America IS business, how bad can you feel these days?
What I see in mine is a guy who has for the most part just done the daily needful with one eye pretty firmly shut and a well-learned sense of powerlessness - oh, how They loooove that - who distracted himself long enough to let Dave Reicherts hijack his country while he engaged in wonderfully stimulating liberal conversations at the coffeehouse decrying the whole sordid project from waaaaayyy up on the moral high ground. Now his grandkids are really, actually facing a fascist future - in America!!!!!, where such a thing could never, ever take hold - on a burning planet.
Reichert's gonna do what he's gonna do; sad, but there ya go.
The real question is, what am I going to do? Old dog, but I need some new tricks. I need 'em now. Looking to Indivisible Washington 8, Dam Sense.org, 350, Save our Wild Salmon folks for help to lift my head, shake off the long sleep, push up on my own two haunches, and get to it. I owe it to my people.
REICHfart would probably not even be in federal office if the Constitution were followed verbatim ( what with the Voting Rights Act and all . . . . -- http://www.constitution.org & http://www.fairvote.org & http://www.thirty-thousand.org & https://movetoamend.org ).