The House Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would cause 24 million people to lose health insurance within a decade, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said on Monday. Republicans had been bracing for what was almost certain to be a bleak accounting of the legislation’s projected effects. The American Health Care Act, as Republicans call their bill, was already facing widespread criticism from providers of health care, some conservatives, and a united Democratic Party. The numbers released Monday will only make it more difficult for Republicans to explain why their legislation would bring positive change to the country’s health care system.


"In 2026, an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law," the CBO said. Many of the provisions in the Republican bill, the American Health Care Act, would not take effect until 2020. But according to Monday's CBO score, its effects on coverage would be felt almost immediately. The agency projected that in 2018, just in time for mid-term elections, 14 million more people would be uninsured than under current law, if the GOP bill was implemented. The difference would grow to 21 million in 2020, which is when the Republicans' massive overhaul of Medicaid would kick in, and then to 24 million in 2026.

If Trumpcare passes... tens of thousands of Americans will die. But, hey, we're going to save some money, so Paul Ryan is happy.

Republicans have been doing their best to assign blame before the CBO could release its report. If Americans wind up losing health insurance after Trumpcare passes... it'll be because Americans stupidly bought iPhones instead... or because Americans didn't really want health insurance at all... or because Americans made the fatal mistake of getting sick in the first place. Blame people who lose their health insurance for losing their health insurance, say the Republicans, and not Republicans who gutted the Affordable Care Act.

The party of personal responsibility believes you're personally responsible for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump's actions.