Golden Gardens Jogger Demands Anti-Trans Group Retract Fundraising Effort Using Her Story


If she ever runs for City Council, she has my vote.
Too awesome
The gall of those arseholes...
Kelly, can I buy you dinner some time?
@1 I'd vote for her.
How the fucking fuck do they think this *supports* their scare story?
Brave Lady, you are powerful and you are a hero. Thank you creating good out of something so awful.
They should have known that I tend to REACT! I appreciate all the support that has surrounded me and overwhelmingly warmed my heart. People are almost all good, and just because there are a few MFers out doesn't mean we should live in fear. What's the point of living in the PNW unless you are free to enjoy it? Prepare for the worst, expect the best and ALWAYS carry a carabiner!
I applaud Kelly Herron's determination to resist a clearly ignorant group of people to use her experience in an incredibly misguided campaign against transgender people. The connection between an attack by a man upon a woman in a public restroom and transgender bathroom use escapes me. Gender is a social construct that may or may not correspond to a person's sex. Unfortunately, that is not well understood by people who spout the kind of argle-bargle shared by "Just Want Privacy" and groups like them. Shame on you! Mary K. Herron
Just want privacy took the post and pictures down from facebook and posted an apology to the victim. Don't think they learned a single thing. The very next story they were blowing the same dog whistle.
They just got SB6 through the Texas Senate today blowing that same dog whistle. Whatever the means, however low or immoral, no lie is too sick for people who's only satisfaction is causing pain.
The irony of Kaeley Triller Haver leading the fight to keeping males out of "females' vulnerable space." This girl took advantage of a young man she met when she was the counselor of a group home and he was one of the residents. She had sex with him, had his baby and denied him any access to his own child. Keep Kaeley Triller Haver out of adolescents' vulnerable space.