Protesters In Nashville Chant "Bless Your Heart" at Asshole Trump Supporter


This is fantastic. It's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like the Trump supporter may have seen the humor in it and that it was able to be a positive human interaction.
I got the same impression.
Yeah, the Trump guy seemed pretty good natured about it.
Evidently this is what passes for "victory" on The Left these days.

(and if the Trump guy was am 'asshole', it wasn't evident on the clip.
Perhaps 'asshole' is how Dan refers to everyone who has a different point of view than him.
That is a Democracy 101 Fail,
also an Adult Life Skills 101 Fail.
Perhaps in Austria they have some sort of remedial kintergarten for grown-ups
where one could brush up on the basics of civil behavior?)
@4 No matter how congenial, a Trump supporter is an asshole by virtue of the fact that bigotry, belligerence, stupidity and hatefulness are not deal-breakers for him. Nevertheless I credit this guy for having a sense of humour.
How painful it must be for the open minded enlightened Left to breathe the same atmosphere with drooling mouthbreathing assholes, let alone be governed by them.
It must really suck to be you.

No, everyone's an asshole. I'm an asshole, you're an asshole, so is that asshole over there. So do this asshole a favor, fuck off and be an asshole elsewhere so us assholes don't have to hear your asshole mouth breathing.

Asshole... smh
@7, no, there's lots of decent people out there. There are no decent Trump supporters. Dumb racist assholes, all of them. Present company included.
Erhmmm... "Bless your heart" means "Fuck you" in Southern, especially in this context.
@8: Actually, there were thousands of good decent people whom voted for Trump out of frustration and anger; and are regretting it now. It behooves us as good Christians to forgive them and move on.
In my quest to avoid hyperbole, let's make that "several".
@8, that's just a flat out lie, Phoebe. Every single one of them was dumb racist trash. Good Christians don't go around lying like that.
@10: frustration and anger AT WHAT? full employment? diversity?

they voted for * out of fear and ignorance. they got conned, because he is a con man, and they are rubes.
No, you're an Asshole, No you are! No you are! Don't you just love the PeeWee Herman approach to life's problems.
@10 "actually...." does this guy look like he regrets it?
Are you just trolling?
If so stop us at any point....
Otherwise we will charitably assume you are uninformed, and fix that for you forthwith.

Frustrated and angry at their health insurance premiums doubling, then going up that much again, while their deductibles went so high they in effect had no insurance.
Millions that technically had insurance in fact could not afford to use it, and they paid ruinously high premiums for nothing.
Your intrepid Slog "reporters" have never mentioned these millions, probably don't even know any of them, so you might be forgiven your ignorance.

Frustrated and angry at a "recovery" that did not deliver full employment, or any increase in salary, to tens of millions. Obama blithely counted these folks as employed but they were underemployed, struggling with low wages and fewer hours a week at work (thanks to ObamaCare), working two or three jobs desperately trying to keep afloat.
Obama and Clinton thought a labor market where tens of millions had quit looking and tens of millions more were underemployed was just fine, and couldn't pat themselves on the back enough.

Diversity? Try frustrated and angry at a Leftist "elite" that ignored, scorned and ridiculed their values and labeled their legitimate concerns for the safety of their children Hatred and Bigotry. No thank you.

If you are going to be run over by an electoral dump truck (and you were) at least you can know what kind it was.
We hope this helps.

@9 - Yes. Yes it does.
@10- You're an asshole. You never curse, you phrase things politely, and you would stand aside and watch the poor get ground into chicken feed and make little tutting noises as it happened, then feel absolved because you didn't actually pitchfork a baby into a woodchipper.
@16, we know your concerns about healthcare are full of shit, since you want to take it away from 24 million people.

"values?" "Legitimate concerns?" Bullshit. You're a nasty little bigot, and you don't care any more about children then you do about healthcare. Plenty of children are not going to get health care, and will die, because of the nazi trash that you voted for. Values my ass. Protecting children, what a load of bullshit.

@18, when Jesus encountered the moneylenders, he overturned their tables. He didn't run around sucking their cocks and telling everybody how great they are like Phoebe's doing.
In the end they will get none of the things they want. No Muslim ban, no terrific health care where everyone is covered for less money, no wall paid for by Mexico. What they will get is financial and environmental deregulation and massive tax cuts for Trump's buddies. I'm guessing financial instability, pollution, and a larger tax burden were nowhere near the top of your average angry populist's list of priorities, but those are the only things that Trump and the GOP actually give a single shit about, so those are the only things they will get. The rest is just red meat that brings people to the polls.
@10, 11: Your humor is sometimes too subtle for us, but I got a laugh out of that one. Thank you.

@20: Yup. It's supremely frustrating that so much of the country obstinately refuses to learn this very simple lesson, especially as the methods become more blatant.
@9 I've always taken it to mean "functionally retarded", ie, it's a straight slur.
@22 Technically more correct yes, but the gist, (chanting no less), is the same.

You seem to be a very angry elf.
South Pole, no doubt....
Knat @21 - you've got me worried - your eyes are starting to bug out.