Trump's Budget Threatens Funding for Light Rail Projects in Puget Sound


More bike lanes for all. Wheeeeeee.
Oh captainseattle206, turn that frown upside-down and stop being such a cranky pants.
Sargon dear, what would build, if you were given that 54 billion dollars?
I <3 the mother's basement dwellers that crawl out whenever budget cuts are mentioned on SLOG. Captain America underpants, indeed.
Sound Transit's car tab extortions are evil.
don't you libtards understand?

1. progressive taxation is inherently unfair to the wealthy, and 2. we need more money for the coming wars, so fuck your trains & your art with crucifixes in pee & your morning editions.

jesus, it's so obvious!
So Sargon dear, it's not the technology that you object to, it's the lack of grade separation in the Rainier Valley?
I wonder where the components for ST light rail projects are built. I wonder if those places need jobs.

So, in other words, you're totally in favor of a regional rapid transit project that would cost twice as much money and take twice as long to build, got it.

The general rule-of-thumb in the transportation industry is that above-grade will cost roughly 2X at-grade because of all the added infrastructure required to get the line above street traffic, and which also requires more time to build.
How about not collecting from taxpayers wallets and not spending it. I know it's a new idea, but it's progressive.
Hey, dumbfuck blindsided Trumpzilla supporters: Trumpzilla campaigned to "Make America Great Again---for only the insanely wealthy, corrupt-as-fuck 1%, the majority of whom are misogynist white men who openly hate everyone ELSE---the 99%---of US citizens, taxpayers, and working poor--who are NOT insanely wealthy, corrupt-as-fuck misogynist white men LIKE THEM. What part of their heinous ultra-wrong-wing bullshit RepubliKKKan conspiracy don't you get already?
Viva the Revolution!
I believe we should increase car tabs, homeowners taxes, increase the sales tax along with a State Tax implementation. Im sure Washingtiontonians would want and should want to step up and put their money where their bullhorns are to keep sustainable, earth-friendly public transportation going.
First of all the car tabs are outrageous, ST deliberately misled people about what the costs of ST3 would be.

Secondly from a constitutional perspective its just not the Federal Governments job to subsidize local transit projects. If the governments of WA state/King County/ Seattle can't convince their constituents to support these projects they just shouldn't be built. End of story!
Man, since when did the Slog comment threads become the Seattle Times comment threads?

@22 self-response: "You haven't been reading the Slog comment threads lately?"

Actually, it's very much the Federal Government's job: the more cars you get off the freeways (those long concrete multi-lane ribbons built during the middle of the previous century, in large part using federal funds, to facilitate the transport of goods, commodities, and military hardware across state lines), the easier it is to conduct interstate commerce. It's that "interstate" part, meaning "between and across states" that puts funding these projects within the purview of the Federal Government.
Rogoff looked like shit last night on the news. He should at least make an effort to clean himself up before he continues to fuck everyone in three counties.
Yes, Francis7 @24, you really do speak for the people of these three counties. It's a shame we don't have a mechanism like voting whereby we can tell Sound Transit what they should or shouldn't be doing on our behalf.
@25- oh STFU.