A Grateful Nation Salutes You, Former McDonalds Social Media Manager


dumb. this accomplished nothing and gave the right more outrage fuel. how about we try to make a meaningful statement in light of the SAD budget proposal??
I don't think McDonalds has much of a right to call anything disgusting.

Maybe that's exactly what we should be doing - giving the right so much outrage fuel they eventually burn themselves down to a pile of smoldering ash.
What was the news like when we didn't have twitter? Did real things even happen in the world? How did anyone know what to talk about?
This is a real body blow.
A crushing staggering punch to the gut.
I'm not sure we can go on.
We may have to throw in the towel.....
It's infuriating what we have to put up with from sleazy corporate creeps whose spokesperson is a clown.

But enough about the Trump administration, did somebody say something about McDonalds?
Thanks for this non-story about a non-event. McDonald's sucks anyway, and Trump is an evil incoherent monster, but can't we fucking choose our battles?

Jeezus, this is why we lose.

This is the modern equivalent of the "opera over the PA system" scene in the Shawshank Redemption. Only way dumber and less noble.

"Throw in the towel", is that what the kids are calling it these days? At least make a point of throwing it in the laundry once in a while.
Shouldn't that be "disgusting excuse FOR a President", not "of"?

I demand proper diction in my hacked Twitters, darn it.
So where do these guys all shop now? Do they get all their UnderArmour coffee at Hobby Lobby?
Oh, so the Big question. Will Donny and co boycot Maccas, and get healthy, or are their addictions just too strong.
What a tweet though, and from McDonalds.
I admit I have gone there, more so when the kids were little. Not anymore. I got into collecting their toys, some of which were really good. I'm a toy collector, after having been deprived of toys from my mean mother, never a barbie but my younger sister got one, I went a little overboard with toys for my kids.
Too bad that these days "rogue" = FAKE. Still funny, though.

@9 Ha!