A Ride the Ducks Truck Smashes Into Yet Another Car


Are the Ducks drivers still blasting music and waving both hands above their heads as their vehicles move forward like I used to see them do when they turned left from Pine Street to 4th Avenue?
I don't like the ducks any more than any other Seattlite, but putting total collisions instead of duck collisions at the end of the article is kind of bullshit.

That's sort of like me saying that Hillary's America is a bullshit documentary full of conservative lies and deception; there were 150 documentaries made in the 2016.
I just drove by this accident a few hours ago, and was once again reminded that military amphibious vehicles are inherently dangerous and should not be allowed on our roads. Why doesn't everyone realize that a boat hull cannot be designed to be compatible with existing vehicles and their modern safety standards. When I spend $30,000 on a vehicle much of that cost goes into paying the engineers who have designed safety features to keep me and my passengers safe. To allow a vehicle onto the roadway that in an accident will apply a force from above like an inverted wedge and essentially climb over my vehicle bypasses a modern cars crashworthiness protections. If our local politicians are so brain dead that they can't see this, we need a lawyer to file a class action suit on behalf of all modern car consumers to extract the extra money from this shady Ride the Ducks company that we have paid over the years in crashworthiness technology that is being stolen from us by the presence of vehicles such as this on the roadway.
Remember when SUVs were always being criticized for being unsafe for others (cars, pedestrians) due to their size, height, etc.? Ducks are like SUVs on steroids. I agree with @3, why are the driving on busy city streets?
Revoke the Ducks operating permit. Immediately.
Love how Slog leaves out the part of the story they themselves cited, in order to maintain the ruse that the Duck driver was at fault.:

"A passenger on the attraction at the time of the accident said she believes the older woman driving the KIA caused the accident. “She just turned right in front of him,” said Darcy Kelly. “I just watched her do it, and I heard the crunch.”

Nice try dumbasses.

Like a reliable witness would buy a ticket to ride on a duck boat. Nice try, Darcy.
#6, other media outlets state the Duck driver is at fault. Specifically the driver didn't see the Kia from his vantage point and tried to merge into it, with such force that upon sideswiping the Kia the latter vehicle was spun 90 degrees into the classic t bone position.

Which is more believable, someone didn't see an infantry assault vehicle or the vehicle with the blind spot directly in front of it didn't see something directly in front of it? Granted, we don't know all the facts yet, but Ockham's Razor can still be applied.
@8 This is Seattle. I've seen way stupider shit than what the passenger proposes. And this one might have been a lady trying to scoot ahead to get in front of the duck and not making it.

That being said, based on initial reports I trust the guy driving behind the Kia more than the passenger on the boat.
Brian Tracey should be in prison.
The Duck isn't an inherently dangerous thing. It is simply loathed by liberal Seattle for what it represents, a simple, kitschy, economical indulgence of the mostly white middle-class tourist family. The ones they like to portray as unsophisticated rubes and cultural spectators. Ironically, the same people they wished still voted Democrat.

As soon as Duck rides are made an ironic snark by the Poser Class about post-Americana, you'll all be wailing for city subsidies, and historic protection.

@8: occam's razor

I know not who Ockham is.
Yeah, if there's a 65 year old woman involved, I'm going to assume she's at least partially to blame for this. Since Rich didn't bother to link to the Q13 article (no, a photo and a tweet don't count as "reporting," as I would hope Rich agrees), I'll never know.
@14: Why? Since 65-year-old women pay about the lowest rate for car insurance of any age/gender demographic, I'd assume they are pretty safe drivers.
@11, the Ducks are very dangerous. They had to have axle brackets added on just to drive on our streets (brackets the Duck involved in the fatal crash last year didn't have, which resulted in a one million dollar fine). Furthermore, their high bow and driver position create a huge blindspot in the front, big enough to hide a Kia in, apparently.

@12, Sir William of Ockham (1287-1347) is a man you may need to become familiar with then, since the saying is attributed to him.
It's true that older people are quite safe drivers. They get injured a lot because their bodies are fragile, but they don't cause the crashes. Stop lying about old people. Stop lying about Millennials. Stop lying about other generations.

And it's not a question of whether Darcy was drunk. If she's a duck passenger, it's how drunk was she?
WHY aren't these inept, reckless dumbasses out of business, already?
@15, 17: OK, fine. Maybe I'm wrong about old people being bad drivers. I have only every single retirement-aged or older woman in my life to use as an example (and a good many of the men), but it is ultimately anecdotal evidence. How dare I draw a conclusion from such a preponderance of evidence. Clearly you guys have the actuarial tables at your fingertips, whereas I do not.
Hey don't get all huffy about being incorrect bro. Happens to all of us.
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