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So this is the episode where everyone finds out Hannah is pregnant. Basically, no one thinks it's a good idea. Well, at first Marnie thinks it’s a good idea, then changes her mind when she learns that Hannah isn’t going to contact the father. Then Hannah gets defensive and accuses her of being “controlling” (true). And Elijah has calmed down and admitted that his initial reaction was for selfish reasons and says that their kid will “have great skin and be the right kind of slutty.” Hannah tells a disbelieving Adam on the street, which leads Jessa to come over to talk to her privately. Everyone but Shoshanna is in on the secret (we think). But it’s the Jessa/Hannah/Adam triangle that’s the most interesting of the episode, don’t you think?

Jessica: What’s interesting is how the vectors of this triangle are changing direction. Previously, Jessa and Adam were living on their own, in love, whatever. Now they’re both reaching back into Hannah’s life, asking to be let in. And Hannah doesn’t want anything to do with them anymore.

Tricia: Jessa overcame her jealous reaction during the film shoot last week to tell Hannah that they are still friends and always will be. Hannah rejects that and they have an argument over who is more sociopathic or psychopathic (aren’t they basically the same thing?), and Hannah shuts her out. But when she sees Adam on the street, he’s pleading with her to admit that what they had was real and that they felt the same thing. In the ending, when she watches the film, she realizes that Movie Adam is projecting onto Movie Hannah feelings of tru wuv forever. I still think they are going to end up together, and if they do, I might throw up on my keyboard.

Jessica: One of the episode’s conflicts is whether or not Hannah should tell the baby’s father about the pregnancy. Everyone is insisting that she reach out, but Hannah is reluctant. Only her own father agrees that she has the right to keep it a secret. “It’s about personal freedom,” he proclaims in the apartment he now shares with his partner.

Tricia: It’s definitely the more selfish move. She half-heartedly tries, but when she doesn’t get the surf instructor, she doesn’t leave a number. The bulk of the rest of the episode is devoted—unfortunately—to more Marnie and Desi. Marnie has gotten them booked in a club in New Jersey called La Vue. It’s a high-paying gig, one that Desi, bizarrely doesn’t want to do because he feels exploited, even though, as a junkie, he probably needs the money. La Vue is exactly what you are expecting it to be. Trashy late '80s, pink neon signs, and the middle-aged crowd to go with it. The only thing about these scenes that is redeemable are the trashy '80s outfits worn by Marnie, her mother Evie (Rita Wilson), and her mom's friend. So good.

Jessica: Desi arrives at the venue late...and high. Just when you think that he and Marnie can’t possibly have another public, crass falling out, the two of them have another public, crass falling out. Desi bails on performing, but Marnie’s mother insists the show go on—and that she fill in.

Tricia: I thought that maybe what would happen is that Marnie and Mom would be better than Marnie and Desi (since that bar isn’t very high), and that they would go on to have a charming career together. But Marnie’s mom is really bad. And people leave the dancefloor. Anyway, the fact that 10 minutes and the previous two paragraphs was given to this plotline is a waste of 10 minutes and two paragraphs. Fucking bad. Let us never speak of it again. The scene with Elijah was much more interesting. And well acted, and also, therefore, meta.

Jessica: Elijah is working late at a Ted Baker-looking store. His colleague, played by Jasmine Cephas Jones (another member of the original broadway Hamilton cast!), asks for his help in preparing for an audition. As it turns out, his acting is even better than hers and she says as much. A passion is re-sparked?

Tricia: He was really good. I feel like we are being positioned for a bunch of perfect little happy endings: Adam and Hannah back together, with Elijah joining in to raise Hannah’s baby together; Shosh and Ray getting back together; and Elijah going back to acting. I guess Jessa and Hannah could make up; I’m not sure where that would leave Marnie. Is there some old flame we’d bring back for her to make her feel complete? It’s a little too on-the-nose-Judd Apatow romcom. I’d rather everyone but Shosh and Ray be miserable.

Jessica: Maybe that’s the conclusion we’re coming to, but maybe it’s too early to tell. Maybe the message is that the tangly life matters (acting careers, friendships, love) can work out on a second, third, or fourth try? We have four more episodes to see.