Make Sure Your MAGA-Hat Wearing Relatives Watch This


Trump chauvinists aren't going to give two shits about this hearing. Trump could confess to colluding with Russian spies on live TV, they'd applaud him for it and claim it was a great idea.
We don't give two shits about this hearing.
On the list of challenges facing America this doesn't make the Top 100.
Anyone still riding the Trump train isn't going to be swayed by facts or sworn testimony. If they've lasted this long they're in it for life. It's like a suicide cult only they want everyone else to die, too.
@2: please, list these challenges that are more important than the president's criminal collusion with a hostile authoritarian government to subvert our election.

there's a hundred, right? start off with 20 of them.
Trumpissts are gonna have to start working in some "Heil Putins" along with screaming their "Heil Twitlers."
@4, Oh that's easy

uppity negroes
pedophile pizza parlors
meals on wheels
clinton emails
jewish tombstones remaining in an upright position
Steve King getting bullied
derkin er jerbs
Snoop Dogg
remember benghazi
the Bowling Green Massacre
Nordstrom's bullying Ivanka
the return of McCarthyism (who was right btw)

There. 20.
ha, unless this news is delivered by rush or hannity, MAGA hats will stay fresh & crisp. @7: my dad loved soul plane & presumably can conditionally tolerate Snoop. he has to be degrading himself in some way, however.
@4, Competent women and minorities are taking all the good jobs from mediocre white guys.
Still enjoying when Schiff misspoke and called him "Tramp."
@8 comment of the year
People talk about these matters as if bumming out the denizens of Breitbart comment threads is a matter of political consequence.

It won't be Trump Superfans that drive Donald Trump from office in 3 years and change.
@2: I'm still waiting. it's been 2 1/2 hours. if I ask for just 10 to start, does that help?
@11 Hopefully it will be a powerful, intelligent, and empathetic black woman who has shown herself to be truthful and represent the best of the American experience.

#pbw #hopeagain
The “Trump voters don’t care” sentiment is also why I think the Russians have much more about him than a video of some women peeing on a bed. As @2 shows us, not only his supporters wouldn’t mind this incident, they would have probably cheered if they saw it.

Alas, no one hires prostitutes for the sole purpose of peeing on a bed the Obamas slept in. It’s only the after sex party with the food and drinks that followed, and @2’s friends in Russia have it all.
BTW- they have already killed all their guys who talked with the British investigating dude.
I urge The Stranger not to give away my personal info…
I love how so many profess to speak on behalf of what Trump voters think or feel about the President's performance. Granted there's a sophomoric basis for this most clairvoyant bloviation, nevertheless the chief executive's approval rating is in the toilet.
Despite the constant, collapsing failure of his presidency, about 40% of Americans remain undeterred by any of it. Polls have reflected this terrifying truth for months now. It's odd that a tiny downward fluctuation, well within the range of statistical noise, is now being treated as a newsworthy development, but if the moral and factual bankruptcy of Trump's dead-enders are being pushed to the front pages this isn't a bad thing.

We need to come to grips with the scary fact that about 4 in 10 Americans are either, 1) conspiracy theorists who believe Trump's bad press is a series of lies perpetuated by a hostile "leftist" media, 2) impervious to facts they don't agree with, or 3) live in a cave with only a landline to connect them to the outside world, so pollsters can reach them.
You kids are a hoot.

But we sincerely are concerned about your mental health.
You subverted this election when you nominated Hillary, and it is eating you up.
For four agonizing long hellacious months the acid boiling up out of your gut into your throats...
You are desperately grasping at anything; or mostly nothing; to try to calm the churning lava.
It burns like a bitch.

We are curious just what you imagine Trump did here.
After an election covered 24/7/265 for YEARS with two candidates who were the most well known over exposed humans on the planet you imagine, what? Trump and Putin brainwashed the Democrats to make them steal the nomination from Bernie? And then did some voodooo to make them send emails that revealed them to be elitist smug cheating tools?

Go ahead..
Lay out your best case.
Do you think anyone who voted for Trump is going to wish they had voted for Hillary instead?
You're precious.

Do you really prefer President Pense?
We're not complaining at the prospect, mind you, but we can't imagine why you are in such a hurry to get there.
It will happen in time.
Lay back.
Enjoy the ride.

@16, everything they needed to know about Trump they knew before the election, but they still voted for him anyway.

Fuck 'em. Worthless, racist, unsalvageable trash.
Everything they needed to know was that he wasn't Hillary Clinton.
And last time we checked that was still true.
Your disapproval makes the ride all the sweeter.
And the richest part is that the Russians never dreamed Trump would actually win.
So add Putin to the long list (Democrats, Republican Establishment, Media, Hollywood, Leftist Elite Echo Chamber, etc etc etc) of Evil Slime Real America reamed out on November 8.
@18: YOU contended that there are 100 things more important than treason, but you're not backing that claim up. instead you're gish galloping about the nomination process of a party you're not a member of.

not going to play your game.
That's a relief.....
@17: But don't you think it's a fallacy to think that it's a worthless cause to work at changing the electorate for 2018? An arguably sizable percentage of the "moral and factual bankruptcy of Trump's dead-enders" are former Barack Obama voters.

I think some of you are enjoying being pissed off at Trump and his voters so much that you don't want to end the adrenaline rush and starting thinking along more positive and hopeful goals.

That doesn't let you off the hook. We need to see all 100 More Important Things or else you lose by default.
@20 got it right. Or at least that's what they will cling to as everything falls apart. At least it wasn't Hilary.

They don't want what you are selling anyway. God and the free market will provide and brown people are annoying so.. fuck em. And something something boiling churning acid lava

@24, I think we're getting our signals crossed. There are absolutely people who can be persuaded to change their minds, or who have observed the past 50-ish days with open eyes and already regret their vote. Those people will come back to reality in due time, if they haven't already. Just look at the timeline on that Gallup poll. The bottom fell out of his approval ratings within a single week. A substantial percentage of Trump voters banked on a pivot to normalcy that never arrived.

I'm talking about the 35-30% of Americans who exist in a parallel universe, for whom the reality you and I accept as concrete fact is a massive conspiracy. They're the ones who continue to support Trump even in the face of every overwhelmingly, terrifyingly bad story to come out of this administration. Those people are real, they're not going away, and their minds have been programmed to resist change (and fwiw based on polling it seems most of them self-identify as republican). For years Fox News and AM talk radio have been priming people for a Trump-style candidate. InfoWars even has a reporter in the White House press pool now! "Lost cause" is a strong term, particularly for such a large share of Americans, but I don't see any of them coming to the light anytime soon.
@25: He cares what he said five minutes ago as much as Trump does. He has no more integrity than Trump, and he's only here to troll the adults. Ignore him. The only winning move is not to play.
@27: Cool.
It's easy.
Even you can do it....

Take all the issues that matter to America.
Put them in a list.

take the Left's demented deluded obsession with La Triste Affaire Russe;
put in in another list.
give it a heading; Things Real America Doesn't Give Two Shits About.
There; you're done.

If it's so easy, then why aren't you doing it, instead of insisting others do it for you?
If it has been going on, investigating trump's collusion with Russia, since July, then why the fuck didn't Obama warn the country.
This FBI guy, he's not to be trusted. None of them are. What a seething mess..
How much more circumstantial
evidence is needed? Have they interviewed his children, his wives.
And this anti LGBTI Supreme Judge, once he's in, marriage equality might be on the chopping board.
Why is the ol boy Secretary of State, heading to Russia for talks and ignoring European talks.
The alliances of the US are being moved, and they are not hiding it.
Russia, coming up as the buddy of the US. Along with Syria. Three filthy human beings and their hangers ons who run these countries will be dictating how it's all going to be. Nth Korea. China. Philippines. etc.
Psychopathic Leaders.
The resistance has got to get bigger and louder. If so many people don't support trump, then show the numbers in the streets.
This is fucking serious, it's watching a beautiful place, America, be vandalised.

Just wait until the Senate breaks up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and we have a conservative 9th Supreme Court Justice. It can, and will, get worse.

So True.
Watergate certainly taught that the government and FBI guys and Presidents never tap phones without a stack of warrants backing them up....