Rep. Jim Himes: Trump Will Attack Anyone and Everyone—Except One Particular Someone


Did anyone see the tirade John McCain had on the Senate floor, accusing Rand Paul of working directly for Vladimir Putin. Good times.
"the media could not be played".

It's your device. I have gotten that message trying to play something on my laptop, but the same media played on my phone. This video plays on my phone.

Counterpoint: "The Media have been played like a damn fiddle."
Jim seems to have dropped his Binky.
He'll stop whining as soon as someone finds it for him.
@5: what are you doing in this post? shouldn't you be working on your list?


I'm guessing he (they?) thinks SLOG commentors have an attention span equivalent to most of the people who voted for SCROTUS.
We're dealing with a guy who didn't have the get-up-and-go to recreate his account after he mistyped his name. Don't think he's going to last through ten or twenty separate thoughts here.

I mean do you think he'd even be in this position in his life if he had that ability to buckle down and do a little work that nobody's making him do and he doesn't really feel up to it? No potency of will.