Take the Same Self-Defense Class That the Golden Gardens Jogger Did—For Free!


There are also occasional free/donation self defense classes run by SOSea, and for the LGBTQ crowd there will soon be regular Q Patrol classes.

If you feel the need to learn self defense, somewhere in Seattle the right program is out there right now.
Did those twat-waffles ever issue a formal apology for using her story and image under false pretenses?
Only a false hearted half apology. They still try to ude it as a relevant example of... whatever, some mindless rambling, transhate, etc.
I know what would help, let's pass a law so that creepy guys can follow women into the bathroom and say they're trans men and this is their bathroom by law now.

Not that this guy would even have bothered, but Jesus this initiative is stupid even on its own terms, when they try to play the "oh no we're not assholes, we understand trans people aren't a threat, but what if creeps just say they're trans" game.
I took a class from Fighting Chance and can't recommend them enough. They are a small dojo who do encompassing, great work, and are currently looking for help to replace the floor in the dojo.