It's the friendly weekly digest that hips you to stories you may have missed in the latest edition of The Stranger—and looks at the most read posts on Slog (March 13-19).

If you couldn't tell by the Teen Beat-inspired cover, this week's leading feature is a deep and thoughtful profile of Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson (who fought Trump and won America's heart), co-written by Sydney Brownstone and Heidi Groover.

In Open City, we have favorite weekly column I, Anonymous (which shed light on Seattle's tech-xism problem in one paragraph), and A Complex Nap in Salt Water, in which Rich Smith got superchill floating in a sensory deprivation tank. In Books, Rich had writer/performer/frequent Stranger contributor Sarah Galvin break down her creative process behind "My Internet Dating Profile," a poem in her new collection, Ugly Time; and in Theater, he looked at the overwhelming artistry of KT Niehoff's Before We Flew Like Birds We Flew Like Clouds, a "multimedia brainsplosion" staged at 12th Avenue Arts through April 1.

Lots to read in Film this week. In the paper, we had Charles Mudede's spotlight on Uncertain, a Southern gothic documentary by Seattle-based filmmakers Ewan McNicol and Anna Sandilands, and Julia Raban's review of The Sense of an Ending, a film based on the novel of the same name by Julian Barnes. Online additions included Marc Mohan's review of the new French-twisted Kristen Stewart film, Personal Shopper (read Mudede's addendum here), and a pan of the live-action Beauty and the Beast by Ciara Dolan. (Christopher Frizzelle had a much different opinion in his opposing review, calling it "absolutely fantastic").

In Music, Amber Cortes prompted local rapper Porter Ray to explain four songs off his debut LP, Watercolor, and also chatted with producer Jack Endino about how he helped make Soundgarden 1988's Ultramega OK sound better for its reissue. And Kathleen Tarrant waxed on the final band she pretended to like for a boy: Nickel Creek.

Dave Segal talked to this week's Person of Interest, Natasha El-Sergany, an immigration-rights lawyer and member of Seattle dream-rock group somesuprises.

Michael Rietmulder surveyed the new wave of Seattle bartenders who are remixing trashy drinks, like the mai tai and piña colada, into classy high end cocktails for this week's Chow feature, while in Weed, David Schmader enjoyed a Sunday morning bake with performance artist/ritualist Timothy White Eagle.

Of course, there's also Free Will Astrology (for the week of March 15), and Dan Savage's beloved weekly advice column, Savage Love.


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7) The Guardian: Spokane Is Such a Shithole, College Basketball Is the Only Thing Keeping Everyone There from Committing Suicide

8) To the Tourists Who Hate Visiting Seattle: You’re Doing It Wrong