I noticed this on a light pole outside our office right after a girl with blue/green hair walked by. So I kept walking around the block in the other direction until until I ran into the girl with the blue/green hair. I wanted to ask her why she's walking around the block 100 times. She tells me why... after the jump.

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The girl with the blue/green hair—the girl walking up 11th to Pike and then down Pike to 10th and then down 10th to Pine and then up Pine to 11th again and again and again—says it'll probably take until 6 pm for her to finish walking around the block 100 times. She says it adds up to 20 miles total—but that's nothing, really, for someone who once hiked the Appalachian Trail.

She's friendly and approachable, she's currently walking around the block, and she's happy to answer any questions you might have about why she's walking around the block 100 times.

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