Why Is the Girl With the Blue Green Hair Walking Around Our Block 100 Times Today?


Hire her.
Would it have killed Dan to have walked with her during the interview? How do we know she's even walking? I just see her standing.
If you wanna check if I am walking, there is real life physical evidence!

Also sorry if the things I noticed seem silly, they kind of are! I was fully not expecting to be interviewed and had not prepared answers! Expected to walk and think and maybe have a couple of talks with strangers.
Being a person who loves to walk urban settings I think it's commendable that she tried this exercise in awareness and engagement. It would be interesting to witness the changes that occur in a locale from dawn to dusk. I would have to stop for coffee though ... or a beer.

Ha! Sorry, I believe you! I still think Dan should have been accompanying instead of stopping you, but it was a cool interview.
@5 Keep it up! Great experiment
What's her gofundme page?
I have stopped for lunch and tea and will probably stop for a beer too! Part of how I picked the block!
Walking is free so I don't have a gofundme but I do have a super low-key block where I'll probably write something about this sometime. Iwalkedhere.blog
When I first read the blue-green hair I thought you're a Sounders fan.
Fun idea! Exercise, observation, good for the mental health, and you got to meet Dan Savage! Win win win
What's with all these stops, for food, and for tea, and now for beer!?! Typical non-sensical, lazy, entitled liberal bullshit.

Make Walking Around the Block 100 Times Great Again!!!

(just kidding, sounds pretty neat actually! Will try to remember to check out your blog too...)
Wait, she used to be an engineer? Yeah definitely don't follow up on that. Wtf?
That was cool. I wonder if she's done yet, and I hope her feet aren't killing her. (I'm thinking if they are, she's probably in a pretty good mood about it.)
Reminds me of this equally worthy exercise.

Next... the Self-Transcendence 3100.
You'll become a homeowner someday, build a house and then maybe, just maybe you'll notice those amazing outdoor sconces in the background of the video...
No one else caught Dan's gender-based micro-aggression of assuming she was an artist working at a science museum, rather than an engineer?
@20 gender based or hair and creative exercise based? But yeah, I would have gone for "are you a scientist?".
Or an open-ended, "What do you do at the Pacific Science Center?"

When I live in the country, I walk around the countryside. When I live in the forest, like now, I walk in the forest. When I lived in Seattle and the SFBA, I walked around the city. I never walked around such a small area repeatedly, but that's a little easier when you're a woman versus a guy (and you have signs up!) - people are less likely to peg you as a stalker. Now I'm tempted, but maybe a dozen laps before moving on to the next block.
To quote George Mallory, "because it's there."
Any project that gets someone outside, away from their phone, noticing other people and the details of their surroundings, is awesome!! You go girl!
@bluegreenhair, you are a gem!
@22 But even that opened-ended question could be misconstrued. ("Would you ask a MAN that??? What do you THINK I do? Why would you assume I might do anything other than what I actually, obviously do????")
@22 +1, great way of asking " What do you do at x?"

So much simpler than "So, are you an y at x or a z?"

@26 - no, it's not biased just asking. A hospital has many different types of medical specialties, a law firm many levels and areas of lawyers -- so asking open ended isn't inherently biased.
Stranger, quit click baiting inside your own damn articles. Some of us can't listen to the audio of a video (work, trapped under a sleeping baby, on a bus, whatever), so please include a transcript or at the very least, answer the question posed by the headline in the text. Don't be a story-tease.
@5 I liked your interview answers.
Who needs prepared? Prepared shmepared.