Twitter Reacts to Hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch and FBI Director James Comey


You got nothing.
Big tall steaming green heaping piles of nothing.
Enjoy watching the Election have Consequences.
We sure are.
But is too bad for The Left Obama didn't investigate this awful terrible Russian thing when he was President.
What's up with that?
And we will all always wonder if Obama had sought the Advice of the Senate before he made his nomination would he have gotten their Consent for his Supreme Court nominee.
We read that in the Constitution somewhere.
@1-3: real lonely vibe you've been putting out lately. take care of yourself bro.
I would love to see him answer the question, "How do you feel about the way the Republican Party treated your peer, Merrick Garland?"
A better question would be top ask Garland how he felt about the way Obama treated him,
nominating him without seeking the Advice of the Senate,
hanging him out to dry.
Shameful, all in all...

Jeebuz, you're being even more deliberately (one assumes) moronic than usual. Obama sought the "advice of the Senate" the moment he submitted Garland for nomination to the court, per Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. The GOP controlled Senate then dithered and dicked around for nine and a-half months, failing to uphold its Constitutionally-mandated responsibilities under Article II, by willfully refusing to hold a single hearing or bring the matter to a vote. Thus, Garland's nomination officially expired on January 3rd. That's how the process works: the President nominates a justice, and the Senate then holds hearings and votes on the nominee; quite literally the textbook definition of "Advice and consent", as enumerated in the Constitution. Obama didn't need, nor was he required, to seek the Senate's "advice" BEFORE the nomination, because the nomination WAS "seeking their advice". But, I suspect you knew that all along.

Still, it's pretty simple - as you-all are so fond of pointing out, even a five year-old can understand it. Which I suppose brings up the obvious question: why can't YOU?
What is with these pathetic "Twitter Reacts" headlines. Needless to say that this is emblematic of the fact that journalism as a profession is pretty much a dead letter. A statement I am willing to retract when WMDs are found in Iraq; however I am not holding my breath.

I look at writing as a craft or an art and in that respect I think there is room for taste which is linked to such things as style, flow and format. In that respect I think the news reports ehat are derived from 144 character outbursts from anyone willing to sign up for a free account has got to be THE WORST SOURCE EVER. The idea that this vomitous verbiage spewed in 144 character chunks is thoughtful or reasonable or informative is going to be the downfall of journalism as a profession. The act of twittering--is that what its called?--is structured in such a way so as to be inescapable propaganda. You cannot provide context or analysis within a twitter feed. However, from my observations of searching twitter myself I can tell you that it is really easy to find something to write about. Almost too easy if you can gaze upon the torrent of "Twitter Reacts" headlines. Indeed, an article of this nature pretty much opens up the entire universe of subjects to a writer; ironically this benefits the writer and elevates the writer prone to being a demagogue to the position of searching out a story that can suit their bias rather than the traditional method of following leads and developing a story. If you see a journalist discussing "tweets" they are a hack through and through lest it provides context where none other can exist. Journalists need to quit being lazy pieces of shit and start being critical like they allegedly used to be (I am skeptical about that too).

"You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war" ~Hearst

Journalism has been fucked for a long time.
Asking for advice after already deciding who you are going to nominate might seem a little backwards;
it appears their "advice" was to drop dead.....