Seattle Finally Has a Plan to Give All Workers Paid Family Leave


It is a nice idea, but financially ruinous for small-medium size businesses.
And super susceptible to exploitation and manipulation.
(as most all well intentioned Leftist policies end up;
remember how ObamaCare slashed the hours per week already struggling employees received?)

A better plan would be 100% funded by the covered employees,
with premiums reflecting usage of the benefit.

@1 -- I read the document and didn't see how much premiums would be. Do you know how much it would cost employers, and if not, then how do you know it would be financially ruinous?
@2: Interesting how that crucial bit of information is illusive.

Liberals think of premiums like tax levies, they're small amounts each month but they never consider the cumulate affect. But more importantly, procreation and rearing children in happy homes still continues so this bill is more of a nice-to-have than a must-have.
The city council doesn't care about the cost to employers or the economic consequences. This is an easy sell.....give employees something which costs them little or nothing at the expense of the employer.....Hmm! just like the $15 Now and we are now reaping the consequences of that poorly thought out policy.

As a government employee, your benefits are paid by the taxpayer. Thus a government official one doesn't have to deal with the economic consequences of paying for these benefits in the same manner as a private business.

The government official lives in a bubble.... all the benefits, without the costs. So in time they begin to believe that the private sector can do the same thing.

Wait for the next recession and you'll see the real cost.

Please, let me open my wallet again, what it's only been a week.