Debunking the Seattle Times’s Dishonest Op-Ed Against Funding Arts, Science, and Culture Education


Increase your already regressive taxes for arts funding? I wouldn't do it. Why don't you work on an income tax?
Isn't it so tragic we have a regressive tax system? Here's another regressive tax that we fully endorse. It's a shame that we have to pass it though.
Tangentially, local reporting is important and needs to be funded.

If I can't bring myself to give money to the Seattle Times Editorial board, where should I send my very modest contribution?

@2 An unfair funding stream is exactly an unfair funding stream, but it does not necessarily follow that legislation's net effect is necessarily unfair. You can do better than that.
"The point is the Times' op-ed is full of disingenuous claims"

Such things never would happen in the stranger?
@3 The program is a Nice To Have. It's not a necessity. I'm fine with Nice To Haves as long as they're paid for with a Fair Funding Stream. This is not a Fair Funding Stream, and Rich knows it. The working poor often work too many jobs to even utilize such Nice To Haves, but they'll be bearing the brunt of the costs. This Nice To Have will benefit the wealthy, whose children will get to utilize free services while they're not paying their fair share.
We really need to get a groundswell on implementing a proper income tax in this state, ..and dropping the sales tax to 0% (except on purchases over $50,000). Oh, and something like 0% income tax if you are at or below the official "poverty line". And probably even somewhat above that line too.

Without major changes to Washington laws, all government services and infrastructure can only be paid for by:

1) Sales tax
2) Property tax
3) Use tax on a specific item (e.g. cigarettes, coffee, or carbon)
4) Car tabs and other registration fees
5) Business and occupation taxes
5) Levies, which are paid back using the sources above

There really isn't a good, non-regressive answer to how to fund good government programs.
@6 You forgot user fees (fees for licenses, admittance to public events, parks, etc). This is pretty small, as revenue streams go, but it counts.
Can't tax income in WA state, tax short and long term capital gains instead. That is where the real money is anyway and it not regressive, one needs to have assets that are worth something in order to have capital gains.

Thanks, Rich.
In a week, we're going to have a sales tax topping 10% for the first time in Seattle's history.

With all sincerity, fuck Dow's proposal straight in the ass.
The old, white, rich gays love sales taxes -- that's why this publication pimps them incessantly, just like the government heads want.