A Majority of the Seattle City Council Supports Giving All Workers Six Months of Paid Family Leave


I work for a small agency that provides direct social services. This is a lovely idea in theory but I have a serious question - how the fuck is a small agency with about 30 employees and a budget of about $1 million a year supposed to pay for this? We don't charge our clients so we can't exactly raise prices.
@1: Shhh. You're not supposed to ask such questions.
@1 I have the same question, except I have 3 employees and our budget is barely $300k.
@1, @2, @3 - maybe i'm misreading, but i read this to be an insurance benefit paid from a pool funded by an employer/employee payroll tax (and not simply a requirement that tiny employers pay people for not working for 6 months).
don't ask logical questions - I mean grinning mike O'Brien supports it and hasn't even read the proposal!
As you update this column, can you give an idea of what the premiums would be? Or is that something the City Council will figure out after they pass it? /s