This is where Medicaid recipients stand to lose coverage in Washington state.
This is where Medicaid recipients stand to lose coverage under the GOP health plan in Washington state. Washington Health Plan Finder

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The Trumpcare Vote in the House Is Still Scheduled for Today: But it looks like the GOP could be short of votes to repeal and replace Obamacare. The ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus is meeting with President Trump today to try and negotiate even more cuts to regulations that ensure basic health insurance coverage (like maternity care, emergency services, and check-ups, the New York Times reports).

This Could Scare Off Moderate Republicans: Like Washington State's own Jaime Herrera-Beutler, who released a statement saying she couldn't support the GOP replacement bill in its current form. “While I appreciate this week's effort by Speaker Ryan and his leadership team to better protect older Americans from health care cost increases, the difficulties this bill would create for millions of children were left unaddressed," Herrera-Beutler said. During a House Rules Committee hearing yesterday, Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) also expressed concern about an estimate from the Washington State Insurance Commissioner that 700,000 people in the state could lose coverage under the GOP plan.

Seattle Police Fished a Burglary Suspect Out of the Duwamish River: The suspect, who was in a kayak, allegedly pepper sprayed a man who confronted him, then jumped out of the kayak and into the river. "Police say the suspect spent nearly an hour in the water until the Seattle Fire Department cut a hole in the floor of the boathouse and grabbed him," KING 5, which also filmed the low-speed aquatic struggle from the air, reports. "They took the kayak, too."

Immigration Attorney Will Run for Sammamish City Council: Minal Ghassemieh is also a board chair at API Chaya, a nonprofit that supports survivors of sexual assault, trafficking, and domestic violence in Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander communities. “With the surge in hate crimes and divisiveness across the country, now is our time to be a leader," she said in a press release about her campaign.

State and City Officials Consider Clearing the "Tacoma Jungle": Like the Jungle in Seattle, the "Tacoma Jungle" is a homeless encampment that exists under I-5. The Washington State Department of Transportation met with Tacoma city officials to discuss "cleaning and clearing" the Tacoma Jungle, though local homeless shelters are at capacity.

Kent Police Officer Shoots Man Holding a Machete: Police were dispatched not long after midnight to a home in Des Moines for a report of someone armed with a knife. "Officers arrived on scene to find a man carrying a machete," KING 5 reports. "The subject was uncooperative with officers and refused to drop the weapon, according to a spokesperson with Des Moines Police."

Governor Jay Inslee Is Speaking at the United Nations: Inslee will talk about "the role West Coast states will play in the global effort on climate change and sustainable development" on the panel “Stocktaking on Climate –Ambition and Action.” Over the last two years, Inslee's carbon pricing ambitions have not yielded much action from the state legislature.

Dennis McLerren, former regional EPA manager, says that losing federal and state environmental funding would tip us in the wrong direction.
Dennis McLerren, former regional EPA manager, says that losing federal and state environmental funding would "tip us in the wrong direction." SB

Local Environmental Groups Urge State to Fund Puget Sound Cleanup if Feds Cut EPA, NOAA Budgets: Representatives from groups like the Lower Duwamish Cleanup Coalition and Puget Soundkeeper rallied at Waterfront Park yesterday to express concern over the Trump budget blueprint that slashes 31 percent of EPA funding and all money for Puget Sound cleanup. Chris Wilke, executive director of Puget Soundkeeper, said that while the EPA has been muzzled, he had heard advice from an EPA employee that if those budget cuts become realized, "don't drink the water." But will state lawmakers step up to fill the void created by lack of federal funding? Environmental groups say that budget deliberations in Olympia threaten local environmental priorities, too. Local scientific research, the shellfish industry, tourism, and efforts to save salmon runs and endangered killer whales are at stake.

Alaska Airlines Is Killing the Virgin America Brand: Alaska acquired the airline last year, and now say the name and logo could expire by 2019. But in order to offer similar Virgin America experiences, Alaska Airlines says that they will offer "blue mood lighting" and high speed wireless on their Boeing jets.

Regional Secession Movements Are Thriving: “On election night, we had 100,000 hits to our website, which is a very large spike for us," Brandon Letsinger, founder of the Seattle nonprofit Cascadia Now told Oregon Public Broadcasting. "And we sold out of flags — which we thought we’d be stocked to 2017 — that day."

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