Black New Yorker Minding His Own Business Gets Stabbed to Death By a White Guy


@1: Indeed, especially when compared to everyone who has been falsely accused of being a racist.

Fortunately you have never had the horrible experience if being falsely accused of being racist.
I was thinking I could say #notallwhiteguysstabblackpeople ironically, but I came in after it was said straight.
Anyway. This article is about a dead black person, not about triggering white people.

Fuck. Fuck these assholes.

Have his friends/family asked for any help or other response?
@2 fuck you, racist
@4,@7,@8 All of that for that one comment? Does raindrop have a "history" here?

@2 is relatively subtle, unlike @6, who is not subtle, but yes.
Ok it is a dirty job but I'll do it, I'll defend Raindrop. As racism goes Raindrop's is pretty micro and methinks largely an unconscious result of his lack of awareness of the extent of the life long privilege he has benefited from by being born white and solidly middle class or better.

If you've worn blinders your entire life, even if you take them off your peripheral vision is going to be for shit.
@11 so far so good, but the accusation being made is not "hood-wearing bigot" , it's "happily leaves those blinders on, and then turns an article about a dead man into a conversation about white people's feelings about having their blinders pointed at."

I mean your description describes me too, but I hope there's a little difference in my actions.

Granted, there do exist people who are going to be dicks no matter how woke raindrop shows up.
I hate those fucking haircuts. As soon as they started showing up 2-3 years ago I immediately started calling it the Hitler hair. Little did I know we'd be ruled so soon by actual Nazis.