The Morning News: NYC Allows Dumb Fearless Girl Statue To Stay for a Year, Nordstrom Cutting 106 Jobs


Actually, Charles, St. Elizabeth's in Enumclaw is a fairly new (5 years) hospital across the street from the old hospital site. Not that you'd care when given a chance to beat that dead-and-long-since-turned-to-dust horse (story).
What is ironic about the missing girls in DC is that the pizzagate folks have been pushing that really hard, as they feel it will lead to some sort of smoking gun. It was completely ignored until LL Cool J tweeted about it.
Why single payer health care is a winning issue everywhere: generational poverty
Q: "Is Seattle Housing Crisis Caused by Tech Workers or by Speculation?"

A: Yes.
Mudede starting the week off right by heavily chumming the water with troll bait.
@5 Since one of the reasons to report comments is trolling, can we report Charles for this post?

With respect to the fake rape in Texas, why bring this up other than to point out that people make shit up. This only reinforces the idea that rape victims file false reports. This woman must be believed and her 3 attackers found, otherwise more 'rape' victims won't report being assaulted.
"stupid girl" statue gets high marks from people who support girls. That bull statue is a giant expression of many of the ways we've gotten ourselves in this toxic shitstew. People like me parenting girls, girls who see this and it makes them feel strong and powerful and fearless. I'm gonna guess you are not a parent of a girl. Like many things, this might just not be for you. It doesn't make it stupid.
@6 could you be reported for your *concern*? Just Asking Questions?
@8 I'm sure someone somewhere will be running to a safe space as a result of my post, which seems a bit much when i'm just pointing out the difference between someone being accused of something and having actually done it.
@4: Good one. There seems to be such a quest to pair issues together as if one must be proven as the deciding factor, when in fact logic dictates that inherent multiple factors would never enable such a conclusion.
@2 It's not ironic; it's coincident.
I don't have a problem with the girl statue. It's like number eighty bazillion on my list of things I care about. I only have so much time and energy for resisting and protesting, and there are at least seventy nine bazillion things that affect me, other people and the world so much more than one statue in a city I never go to.
@12: We have a bunch of alt-right conspiracy weirdos advocating for an investigation into missing black and Hispanic women, whereas liberals were completely, oddly silent.

And when you have a state of affairs that is completely contrary to what one naturally expects, we call that....
Charles, would you say the Bay Area's housing costs are driven more by tech workers or by overseas financiers?
"Is Seattle Housing Crisis Caused by Tech Workers or by Speculation?"

A question in a headline? Tsk,tsk, Charles. Have you forgotten Betteridge's Law of Headlines?
#16, that would imply he ever remembered it.
That the girl (she is young) invented a rape story about specifically 3 black men is telling. Rape by black men is obviously much more hideous than by whites, and thus garners more victim sympathy fom teyksis crackers. Cracker Suan Smith gave the "crazed black man" story to cover her drowning her kids. Southern whites fully embrace this kind of racism as a part of their essence. I bet they can get their rape abortion exception if they claim rape by a black or hispanic. And didn't that "runaway bride" claim she was kidnapped by brothers? Jeez, fucking white women, especially crackers... By the time the lynch mob has gathered nobody will care that the dumb broad is a liar.