Trump Is Not Trying to Prove He Is a Good President, He Is Trying to Show He Is the White President


Yet another color adjective oriented post.
Yeah, that's great Raindrop. You've noticed that certain themes tend to crop up in Mudede post. Fair enough. But you're an intelligent guy. Do you disagree with Charles' basic analysis?
We don't need to grasp why rubes like Trump. We don't need to leave our bubble. Half us urbanites grew up in red states with a MAGA dad or mom or church. We learned all about guns and shit too, before we got the fuck out of bum fuck and moved to the city to earn enough to be in the highest tax bracket and subsidze our bum fuck MAGA home states.

There is no big truth we don't get. We have our flaws, but we were basically right all along.

It's only one thing: we need to fucking turn out. We got complacent. The Times said Hillz had it in the bag, 95% certain. We didn't listen to Nate Silver and in our complacency, not enough of us voted.

We do rule this country and we deserve to because we're right and they're wrong. But we can't take anything for granted, ever.

It's not that we don't "get" it.
"Affirmative Action was bad on the grounds that it put incompetent blacks in positions of power. After Obama,..." Obama did not get into the White house because of Affirmative Action policies. There was thing thing called an Election that put him there.
@2, Thanks. To attest that Trump strives to be a "white" president, is essentially circular since he is already a racist and hence Charles argument is to essentially state the obvious with some additional nuancing.

The president is mentally ill. As you know he has, as many psychologists attest, a narcissistic (bordering on sociopathic) personality disorder. He is devoid of ideology and we all have concluded there is no "crazy like a fox" going on. His undisciplined behavior and antics probably even annoy David Duke.

While racism is in his soul, his mental illness is in control. Essentially, he's not disciplined enough to fit Charles's postulation or to be any kind of president.
I try to imagine how I would have reacted in 2008 if someone tapped me on the shoulder and said "Hey, guess what? Hillary Clinton is going to lose the 2016 election to Donald Trump!"

I think my response would have been, "Bullshit. How the hell could she lose to that scumbag?"

Hillary lost to that scumbag.

I think the reasons why boil down to two things.

1. Our democracy is sick, and only well-heeled (and increasingly) celebrity candidates from one of two right-wing parties have a shot at becoming president.
2. Hillary was done in by her own tepid message and tactical errors.

As for this incoherent fever dream of a post, I've read it 3 times and still don't get it.
@6 I don't think we're meant to get it. Mudede is usually an excellent writer but he sees everything though a lens of racial animus. So we wind up with stream of consciousness hatred of white people that isn't meant to be understood.
@7: have you MET charles? he doesn't hate white people. at all. he doesn't hate anyone. your analysis is paranoid, whitey.
I get it. And I think he's right.
#6 interesting observations and well said. Keep in mind the President of America gets to the White House not due to being well heeled or poor, nor being White/Black/Blue/Green Male or Female or any thing in between, But by telling some Americans what they want to hear. YES it is that simple. And it works every time. I agree with your point 2 about Clinton.
Raindrop dear, I really think that Trump might be starting to go 'round the bend. Yesterday, he got done talking about some executive order and then just wandered off. That would explain why his daughter is taking up an office in the White House - to keep an eye on him. Following in the tradition of Edith Wilson and Nancy Reagan.

Dementia isn't funny, of course, and even I have sympathy for Trump, if that's what's happening. But if it's true, he really needs to go.

Great comment, Charles. I had thought "Hold my beer" was elected President in 2000. Sadly, that was just fascist-lite. This is truly a new realm of insubstantiality.
@5 "He is devoid of ideology"

He is governing like a deregulating, welfare state deconstructing, military spending ideologue. In fact, he has got the support of >80% of self-declared Republicans. "Watch what they do, not what they say".
Jill Filipovic made a similar observation in a NYT op-ed last week. All the photos of old white guys signing bills stripping funding for women's health aren't an accident. Their intent is to show everyone who is still in charge.

There are millions of middling white men who were raised to believe they could do anything they want, whose careers and aspirations are now being taken over by women and minorities. Seeing a bumbling fool like Trump in a position of tremendous power must be reassuring for them.

But even a significant portion of those 80% aren't really sure what he stands for, or what his actual policy positions are, because he hasn't articulated them in any meaningful way, except to spew inane platitudes, mostly invoking the word "great". The AHCA debacle is a case in point: during the campaign he promised voters better, cheaper health care, then backed a bill that would have done exactly the opposite, couldn't convince enough of his fellow Republicans to support it (for various reasons), and blamed pretty much everyone except himself when it went down in such a fireball of failure that it made the Hindenburg disaster look like a weenie roast. Another example: he promised to "drain the swamp" of the big money D.C. lobbyist culture, then almost immediately upon taking office featherbedded his cabinet and key adviser positions with even more the very type people he previously vowed to eliminate from the system. His "ideology" is that he has no ideology, and his methodology appears to be to say or do whatever pops into his head at any given moment. He is quite simply Id run amok

I do agree with you on your final point: actions, not words are what really matter. But unfortunately, with this particular president there just doesn't seem to be any way to predict in advance what those actions will be, because they seldom appear to have any correlation whatsoever with his words. So, perhaps the best strategy is to simply ignore him entirely, and focus exclusively on what those around him are saying and doing, since he seems to be in a state of perpetual volatility.
It's the whole point that minorities have to do twice as well to be thought half as good. Trump is reasserting his right to do as well as he always has in his inherited family business.
His "ideology", such as it can be considered, consists of two things: 1) profit, 2) loyalty (to him). Nothing else really matters.

As for "governing", he's not actually governing, Bannon, Miller, & Priebus are basically doing that... he's just the puppet for the cameras. If he really is going off the deep end mentally, once he becomes a true liability, they'll eventually remove him. Until then, he's a great smokescreen. The best! No smokescreen is better than him! He uses all the best smoke!

But yes, I think Charles is right, Trump -- while obviously not doing this consciously, imho -- is clearly demonstrating that white men can do virtually anything sloppily & get away with it. Rape someone? "Think of his future!" Grab them by the pussy? "I'm a star, the rules don't apply to me." President? "I'll waste millions just existing and off-load the work to my lackeys!" and "Any deal will get made... as long as there's a check attached."
You know, in that tweet where Fox issues a "News Alert" that ⊥rump is working...
(a) how weirdly un-newsworthy a president working all weekend is. (Why an 'alert'?)
(b) how absolutely newsworthy is would be if ⊥rump *were* actually working! ha!
@11: Yes, thank the Lord for our First Ladies. I trust Melania will also rise to the occasion.

What a narrow trap it must be, the mind of Mudede. From first to last, his self-hatred for being black stands out like no other element in his writing. May God relieve your pain, sir.
Raindrop dear, if you are counting on Natasha Fatale to save us, I think you are in for a disappointment. She's obviously wasn't into this from the very beginning, and she was probably hoping when she married him that he would die soon.
@20 that's just dumb
Trump doesn't matter. The rabid right is in power, determined to disassemble what they profess to hate and throw support behind themselves. We're just the poor fuckers in the middle. The Democrats are only marginally better at not completely selling us out. Hillary is just another career power monger and Bernie is a faux Socialist. Be glad you live in a somewhat progressive, successful state. Just don't look too closely at where your money comes from, you might get sick.
@15 To have a laissez faire ideology isn't inconsistent with being opportunistic.