Cherry blossoms are blooming, but it doesnt feel quite like spring...yet.
Cherry blossoms are blooming, but it doesn't feel quite like spring...yet.

On Sunday, I drove through the I.D. and marveled at the cherry blossoms blooming on either side of Jackson Street. It was sunny—sunny!—and I had the windows down and was enjoying the mid-'50s breeze (which, had I still been in Florida, would have felt damn cold but after living in Seattle for the past seven months, was downright pleasant). For a moment, it really did feel like the spring that had actually started back on March 20.

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Then, in a matter of hours, during another stretch of errand-running later in the day, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped and some rain kicked in.

According to The Seattle Times, we're going to get some more sun today and tomorrow, before it gets all wet and gray again late on Tuesday. But after that, the air will warm up and has the potential to reach 60—60!—on Wednesday. After that, it should cool down again, to around 50, which is seven degrees below the normal for early April. On a side note, there's likely to be some snow fall in the mountains this week, and in Snoqualmie Pass.

If you want to see the renowned University of Washington cherry blossoms, you have a bit more time to do so (and for the next few days, without needing rain gear). Here are some more recommended places to see the cherry blossoms blooming in and around Seattle.