Right on the heels of his facetious choice to dedicate the month of April to sexual assault awareness (yeah, right), Donald Trump, who lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by 2,864,974 votes, has revoked US funding for the United Nations Population Fund, which provides... birth control.

Here's the NY Times:

The Trump administration informed Congress on Monday that it had terminated United States funding for the United Nations Population Fund, the world’s leading provider of family planning services, including contraception, to women in at least 155 countries.

The United States is one of the top donor nations to the United Nations, and the denial of funding was one of President Trump’s biggest moves yet to reduce financing for family planning.

This almost escaped my notice entirely when it came on NPR this morning, because I heard "UN organization" and assumed it was linked to the global gag rule, which bans US funding for global NGOs that provide abortion services. The Obama administration struck down that rule, but Donald "Friend to Women" Trump reinstated it almost immediately after taking office.

But this decision isn't about abortion. It's about birth control. Reinstating the global gag rule is an expected move for a GOP president, but going after global access to birth control is a new low. It shows us exactly how extreme Trump is willing to go in his affected "pro-life" stance. And given that his administration could meddle with birth control access through the Affordable Care Act even without a successful repeal from Congress, it's very bad news.