How Jeff Sessions' Attempt to Halt Police Consent Decrees Will Impact Seattle


First post from the new news editor! Welcome to Slog, Steven.
So the headline indicates there will be an impact for Seattle ("how...") but the article says there probably won't be. Which is it?
Just want to point out that if you're one of these Cascadia independence movement geeks, you basically agree with Jeff Sessions on this. Like you agree with Trump and Ryan that if a state wants to allow the sale of health insurance [sic] that excludes coverage for fucking everything, that's cool! State's rights!

Seattle can't deal with systemic racism at a local level, or a state level. No matter how much you like your mayor or your state AG or your governor, they don't have that power. Only the Feds can make that change happen.

Isn't that fucked up?
It was an easy call to make, but I called this 2 months ago:…

Even if the Seattle consent decree is "too far along in the process", we are still going to face a DoJ with a shell of a Civil Rights office. You simply aren't going to see the feds bother with civil rights violations by local police anymore. This Sessions memo is effectively 'carte blanche' for cops to beat minorities with impunity (again).
This means that SPD can go back to beating hippy ass without interference from liberals. God bless Jeff Sessions.